Biography of Thomas Peters

Compiled by the National Archivists before the microfilming of the Civil War records.

 Entries in blue are references and my additions

   Thomas Peters was born October 23, 1812 in Wake County, N. C. He was living in Memphis when the war started. He was over six feet tall, lithe, erect and vigorous, with an aquiline nose, high cheek bones and jet black hair. His occupations had included river man, cotton planter, railroad contractor, trader, prospector and cotton broker. During the 1850's he took contracts to build levees on the Mississippi River, and, at the war's outbreak was engaged with Sam Tate in the construction of the Memphis & Charleston RR.
   Peters married Ann Eliza Glasgow of Tennessee in 1837; she died childless five years later. Peters married second wife Sarah Jane Irons in Tennessee in 1846 (died in 1859). They had one daughter, Amelia.
   Thomas spent the post-war years exploring and extolling the lands of western Alabama, especially its iron and coal resources. He died in 1883 in Louisville, while a resident of Birmingham, Alabama.
Peters, Thomas -- Maj. & C. S. M.; Maj. & Q. M.

Polk's Command

July 19, 1861 Appointed from Tennessee as Major in Commissary Service, to report to General Polk
Pillow's Command
August 20, 1861 Return gives him as Major & QM of General Pillow's Division
Polk's Command
October 24, 1861 Appointed Quartermaster, to report to General Polk
November 18, 1861 General Polk nominates Mr. Thomas Peters to be Q. M. on his staff, with the rank of Major
November 25, 1861 Executes his bond, in Shelby County, Tenn. (required to be able to serve as a Quartermaster)
December 4, 1861 Sells a steamer at Columbus, Ky.
NA, QMR 12-4-61
January 12, 1862 - August 20, 1863 All records show him to be a Major and Quartermaster, reporting to General Polk
June 8, 1863 Requests use of an iron works for army needs
NA, QMR 6-8C-63
July 23, 1863 As Major and Chief Quartermaster of Polk's Corps, was ordered on special business in Georgia and Alabama by General Bragg
August 19, 1863 to at least January 21, 1864 Working with the Railroad Bureau to arrange through transportation in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama
NA, RRB 8-19-63
NA, RRB 8-22-63
LVA, RRB 8-28-63
H, RRB 9-8D-63
H, RRB 9-9D-63
H, RRB 9-18B-63
NA, RRB 9-30-63
RRBAT 10-12A-1863
RRBAT 10-20B-1863
NA, QM 12-7-63
NA, QM 12-7A-63
OR Series 1, Vol. 52, Part 2, Page 602A
October 15, 1863 Assigned to Sims by Secretary of War and QM General
October 28, 1863 Requisitioned iron bars and copper for East Tennessee & Georgia RR
NA, ET&G 10-28-63
November 27, 1863 Ordered by the Quartermaster General to supervise all railroad transportation west of the Alabama River
NA, QM 11-27C-63
NA, QM 11-30A-63
December 7, 1863 Major Peters is in Atlanta and ordered to remain in charge of RR affairs and take orders from Sims
December 8, 1863 Requisitioned iron for Western & Atlantic RR
NA, W&A 12-8-63
December 10, 1863 Was offered to General Hardee as a man to clear up railroad traffic
NA, QM 12-10-63
NA, QM 12-16-63
January 1, 1864 Mentioned as making a report on supplies in southwestern Georgia
OR Series 1, Vol. 52, Part 2, Page 585
January 10, 1864 Wanted by Polk for railroad controller in Mississippi
NA, AM 1-10-64
Asks Capt Throckmorton to go down the RR line for him
NA, AOT 1-10-64
January 12, 1864 Ordered by Sims to go to Mississippi
RRBAT 1-12C-1864
RRBAT 1-15-1864
January 21, 1864 Though ordered to Mississippi in November, he has remained in Atlanta running the Army of Tennessee's railroad support
NA, QM 11-22-63
RRBAT 12-7A-1863
RRBAT 12-8-1863
NA, QM 12-15B-63
OR Series 1, Vol. 32, Part 2, Page 592
NA, QM 1-23-64
January 23, 1864 Ordered to relieve Major Hottel in Atlanta
January 29, 1864 Is informed that Sims wants Hottel for Atlanta, not Maj. Horbach
NA, RRB 1-29-64
February 9, 1864 Was in Demopolis directing railroad traffic
NA, QM 2-9A-64
March 10, 1864 Gen. Polk requests Peters for his Chief QM
NA, QMR 3-10C-64
March 22, 1864 At Demopolis, Ala., signs as Quartermaster and Railroad Agent

Polk's Command

March 30, 1864 Assigned to duty as a Major and Chief Quartermaster for General Polk's command
April 20 and May 1, 1864 Returns show him as Major and Chief Quartermaster to General Polk, who is  commanding Department of Alabama, Mississippi & East Louisiana
April 30, 1864 Supports repairing railroads in northern Alabama
OR Series 1, Vol. 32, Part 3, Page 804
May 7, 1864 Announced as Major and Chief Quartermaster of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi & East Louisiana
Asks authority to draw on QMs in several states for supplies
NA, QMR 5-7A-64
Advised of the General's travel plans
NA, DAMEL 5-7-64
Genl Polk recommends promotion
NA, QMR 5-7B-64
May 11, 1864 Given directions on supplying Army of Mississippi through Rome, Ga.
NA, AOM 5-11-64
May 12, 1864 Ordered to establish several forage depots
NA, AOM 5-12-64
NA, AOM 5-13-64
NA, AOM 5-18-64
NA, AOM 5-18A-64
May 17, 1864 Recommends approval of passport request
May 19, 1864 Meriwether wanted him to assist in construction of Blue Mountain RR
Requested to provide chairs for Mobile & Ohio RR repairs
Ordered to provide iron to make chairs for Mobile & Ohio RR
May 24, 1864 Ordered to provide wagons to Pillow
NA, DAMEL 5-24-64

S. D. Lee's Command

June 1, 1864 No longer needed with Polk's army, forward fodder
NA, AOM 6-1-64
NA, AOM 6-1A-64
NA, AOM 6-3-64
June 15, 1864 Was requested to assist in taking up rail and building the Blue Mountain RR
NA, ENG 5-19-64
NA, ENG 5-19-64
NA, ENG 6-15-64
June 16, 1864 Relieved as Chief Quartermaster of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi & East Louisiana
NA, RRB 6-16A-64
NA, RRB 6-28-64
Assigned Superintendent of RRs arriving in Selma
NA, DAMELA 6-16-64
July 13, 1864 Directed railroad movements
OR Series 1, Vol. 39, Part 2, Page 710
July 20, 1864 Relieved of duty as Chief Quartermaster of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi & East Louisiana and assigned to the Superintendence of transportation of supplies in that department, to report to General S. D. Lee
July 22, 1864 Quartermaster General approved his assignment to the Blue Mountain RR construction project
NA, ENG 7-22F-64
August 4, 1864 Iron needed for Mobile & Ohio RR
August 24, 1864 On duty at Selma, Ala. as Major and Superintendent of Transportation of Supplies
Maury's Command
August 31, 1864 Return shows him as Chief Quartermaster of Transportation for the Department of Alabama, Mississippi & East Louisiana with General Maury commanding

Taylor's Command

September 9, 1864 Involved in determining who should pay for the recent repairs to the Mobile & Ohio RR
September 30, 1864 Return shows him as Chief Quartermaster of Transportation for the Department of Alabama, Mississippi & East Louisiana with General Taylor commanding
October 18, 1864 Reports to Sims about making repairs to enemy damaged RRs
October 26, 1864 Ordered to report on cargo on returning trains
NA, QMR 10-14A-64
October 21, 1864 Assigned as Chief of Steamboat and Railroad Transportation for the Department of Alabama, Mississippi & East Louisiana
NA, RRB 10-21-64
November 7, 1864 Received telegram from QM in Montgomery
November 8, 1864 Steamboat contracts
NA, QMR 11-8-64
November 15, 1864 Writes General Lawton from Selma, Ala. and says, "When assigned to duty in this Military Department as Chief Quartermaster ..."
November 15, 1864 Sims asks for clarification of Mobile & Ohio RR repair
Maury's Command
December, 1864 Major & Chief of Transportation of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi & East Louisiana, General Maury commanding
December 15, 1864 Supports using prisoners to work on the railroads and in shops
D, RRB 12-15-64
December 17, 1864 Introduce reforms in the way steamboats account for freight
NA, QM 12-17-64
December 20, 1864 Orders up railroad cars on the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR and iron railroad products from Shelby Iron Works; may be in charge, to some degree, of the removal of iron from the Cahaba, Marion & Greensboro RR; appears to direct activities as an officer of the Shelby Iron Works
UA, SIW_12-20-64
UA, SIW 1-3A-65
UA, SIW 1-9-65
UA, SIW 1-15-65
UA, SIW 1-20-65
UA, SIW 1-22-65
UA, SIW 1-23-65
UA, SIW 1-26-65
UA, SIW 1-26A-65
UA, SIW 1-28-65
UA, SIW 1-31-65
UA, SIW 3-1-65
UA, SIW 3-10-65
UA, SIW 3-13-65
UA, SIW 3-15-65
UA, SIW 3-15A-65
UA, SIW 3-20-65
UA, SIW 3-24-65
UA, SIW 4-26-65
December 20, 1864 Writes Sims about paying for the rebuilding of the Mobile & Ohio RR and the impact on him
January 5, 1865 Told to consolidate transportation auditing
January 7, 1865 Asks Sims to help provide a slate machine
January 13, 1865 Reports to Sims his recent actions
January 21, 1865 From Selma, Ala, writes to Quartermaster Department in Richmond asking that his duties as Railroad Agent be defined. Referred to Lt. Col. F. W. Sims, who says that Major Peters was relieved from duty with him and ordered to report to General Polk. Since then he has not been under Col. Sims' orders and cannot define his duties {This correspondence has not been found}
January 21, 1865 Wants Sims to determine who should pay for labor and materials used under an order of Genl. Polk
January 31, 1865 Assists getting bridge builders to Meriwether
NA, DAMEL 1-31-65
February 1, 1865 Sims responds to his charges for repairs to the Mobile & Ohio RR
Definition of duties of RR Agent requested
NA, QMR 1-21A-65
February 2, 1865 Sims replys to report on repairing railroads
February 8, 1865 Ordered to ship all coal ready for movement to Mobile at once
NA, DAMEL 2-8-65
March 7, 1865 Is reported to be the Chief Transportation Officer at Selma
March 8, 1865 Ordered to have a riverboat connect with the cars at Gainesville
NA, DAMEL 3-8A-65
May 4, 1865 Surrendered
May 14, 1865 Paroled as Major and Quartermaster in the Department of Alabama, Mississippi & East Louisiana
November 19, 1865 Requested pardon
September ??, 1883 Obituaries
July 11, 1903 Article of Tribute