NA, M&O 5/19/1864

Quartermaster's Office
Selma, Ala., May 19th 1864
Major T. M. LeBarron
   I have the honor to hand you enclosed orders concerning some Pig iron which I have transferred to the Central City foundry to be cut into "chairs" for the Mobile & Ohio Railroad. I also beg leave to submit the following as the invoice cost of the iron. You will please find by reference to the enclosed orders that they explain themselves.
$139.00 pr. Ton
I am Major
Very Respectfully
Your obt. Servt.
S. Heillyer
Major & QM
{on the back of the letter}
   The Mobile & Ohio Rail Road has an order directing the damage to the Road done by the Sherman Raid repaired at the expense of the Government, and Maj Peters was requested to furnish the chairs for which this material was required under that order. The repairs of the Road were completed before they were delivered.
L. J. Fleming
Chf Eng & Genl Supt
Respecty returned to Maj Hillyer and beg leave to call attention to the endorsement of Mr Fleming of M&O RR
T. M. LeBarron
Major & Q. M.