NA, RRB 9/7/1864

{The person who microfilmed this letter neglected to film the letter itself; we are left with the endorsements that were on the back of the letter.}
Transp Quartermasters Dept
Selma Ala
September 7th 1864
Respectfully referred to Maj Thos Peters Govt Transpt Agent
S Hillyer
Major & QM
Transportation office
Selma Sept 9th 1864
Respectfully forwarded to Lt Col F. W. Sims, Ch RR Bureau with the request that the question be settled as to the payment for repairs to RRoads destroyed by Raids as the repairs were ordered to be done by Lt Genl L Polk and were under the directing of Mr Sam Tate. The opinion of both these Gentlemen is that the Govt should pay for these repairs. In which opinion  concur.
Thos Peters QM
Richmond Sept 16/64
Respy retd to Major Thomas Peters for a copy of the orders under which the M&O RRd {Mobile & Ohio RR} was repaired. Mr. Fleming refers to one order as in possession of M&O RRd Co. and Maj. Peters refers to an order under which Col Sam. Tate acted. If there are two orders copies of both are requested.
F. W. Sims
Lt Col & QM
Selma Sept 23/64
   Respty referred to Maj Geo Whitfield who will forward a copy of all the orders from Gen Polk for the repairs of the road. There was no order issued to or by Sam Tate that I can sa??, in my endorsement of Sept 9th on this paper I state there was only the direction of Mr Tate, & not under any order to him.
Thos Peters
Maj & QM