UA, SIW 1/26/1865

Selma Jan 26, 1865
Col. J. W. Lapsley  {Director, Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR}
   Tate will be here to night and as soon as we can get the money will start a man to Fla. I have made an engagement to go to our coal mine tomorrow with Capt. Thomas for the purpose of making a contract with the other mines to complete the road and then take charge of it as a public necessity, and get out our coal at once. All we want is coal & money. I hear from my agent in Miss last night. He thinks he will have no difficulty in getting all the negros we want upon the having credit for them, this of course will have.
   I am yet very much disturbed about the poor people on your road. I made the proposition to him (the Gov) through Gen. Withey to put the thing through and as I expected he said he had no power or authority and the money had been distributed to the Probate Judge, he was sorry he could do nothing. He then said Maj. Peters for his offer and hoped he would give all the aid in his power to the Probate Judge &c. I would be glad you write to the different Probate Judges (when you are acquainted with them) and say to them that by S??y nothing can get aid & comfort for their suffering constituents.
Very Respectfully
Thos Peters