NA, RRB 8/4/1864

Quarter Masters Office
Selma August 4th 1864
Major Thos Peters
Selma, Ala.
   I have the honor to state that there has been furnished the following needs of Iron by this department for the use of the M&O RR {Mobile & Ohio RR} and turned over to the following contractors who have worked the Iron up for the Railroad & forwarded the articles manufactured to the supt L J Fleming at Meridian Miss
Phelon McBride & Co  49630 lbs pig iron at $156.00 per ton
2500 lbs wrought iron at 34c per lb
Central city Foundry
10573 lbs pig iron at $156.00 per ton
45305 lbs   "     "    "  $156.00   "    "
   At the time that this iron was delivered there upon an order from Lt Genl Polk, I submitted a statement with a copy of the order and received from the contractors giving the number of lbs delivered to each and the cost price with the with the directions to Major T. M. LeBaron at Mobile for collection from the M&O RR. 
I am Major Very Respty
S. Hillyer
Major & Qr Mr
{on the back of the letter}
   The wrought iron referred to in this accor?? was ordered I suppose to make bolts & nuts for repairing the damage done to the Mobile & Ohio Rail Road by the Sherman Raid. This Company has never ordered or received any other wrought iron from the Government. This Company holds the Government is due to ??? this Road at the expectation of the Government and the requests to furnish Bolts was made to Maj Peters based upon that order. ????? it as a part of the materials furnished by the Government for the repairs of the Road.
Aug 24/64
L J Fleming
Chf Eng & Genl Supt