OR, Series 1, Vol. 39, Part 2, Page 710

July 13, 1864
Mr. J. P. Fresenius
Assistant Supt. Mobile & Ohio Railroad, Mobile, Ala.
Dear Sir,
   I have just received your telegram, and have dispatched General Lee to order the cars at Tibbee Station at once unloaded. On Sunday I received orders from General Lee to have transportation at Columbus for 1,200 troops, and I at once telegraphed you; if the troops were not there I did not know it. I was, of course, governed by General Lee's orders. He again telegraphed me yesterday to know why the cars were not there ready for the troops. I have not since heard anything in reference to the matter, and suppose the troops were shipped. The cars for the hard bread got here all right, and the bread went up on the passenger of this morning. I am sorry there should have been any delay in unloading your cars, as I have to express my great satisfaction at the prompt and efficient manner in which you have responded to my late urgent calls on your road for assistance, but I feel satisfied that on receipt of my telegram General Lee will have them promptly unloaded. Whenever any unnecessary delay in unloading cars, on the part of officers or Government agents, comes to your notice, advise me thereof and I will speedily have the matter rectified.
Very respectfully,
Thos. Peters
Chief Quartermaster