UA, SIW 1/31/1865

Memphis & Charleston Rail Road Company
General Ticket Office
Demopolis January 31st 1865
Maj Thos Peters
Dear Sir,
   There is no Borfs here that can possibly move cars. It is of the utmost importance to the Govt and all parties concerned, that one be placed here as early as possible. Besides this there is now here, Ten Cars which I have instructed Capt Ross to turn over to you for Shelby Co Iron Works. You must get them away as soon as possible or Pritchard will steal them and you will never get them. I must urge it upon you to have them Cnoped ours as soon as possible. We need them at work. Now, dont delay, let no time be lost, push this matter through at once, dont let it fail again, get Ross's order for this number, and send a good man for them, but above all send and keep a  here, there is no telling when it may be of importance to have it for Govt purposes.
Yours Truly
Sam Tate