NA, QM 1/13/1865

Meridian Miss
Jany 13th 1865
Lieut. Col. F. W. Sims
Chief of R R Bureau
Richmond Va.
   I returned to this pace last night, having been absent on the line of the Memphis & Charleston RR & upper end of Mobile & Ohio RR since middle or latter part of October last. Was hard at work repairing M&C RR {Memphis & Charleston RR} when Gen Hoods Army recrossed the Ten. River. About this time the enemy cut the Mobile Road {Mobile & Ohio RR} & I took all hands & went to work on that Road & repaired it & had the cars running in six days, a less time than the enemy were on the road. Got to work on some of the bridges before the fire was out. Genls Hood Beauregard & Taylor gives us great credit for our prompt and efficient services. If any credit for repair of R. R. is due any one it is to your Dept ??? is given to it by everyone Genls & all & not to this Engineer or any other Dept. Gen Taylor said to me today that if RR were to be built or repaired your officers would have to do it. If they did not it would not be done. This I take as rather complimentary. We had accumulated a large supply of commissary stores at Corinth. So the army had plenty to eat even if the road was cut & we rebuilt it several days before the stores on hand were out. 
   I return you Mr Livermores letter. I think we should give him the rates he asks for. His road being ??? within the enemy's lines & being maintained at heavy expense. I do not think his demands are objectionable. If you agree with me please return the papers with your approval. I will forward them to the auditor of the Road.
   I enclose you the papers in regard to the salt swindle. Since I wrote you Allen sued with a writ of Re?? & got possession of the salt, but as good luck would have it he was thrown from his horse since & killed & no doubt the Devil has him before now. Capt. Hudson the officer under whose authority he was acting says he gave him no authority to keep or exchange salt for provisions & never gave him any authority to go to Mobile. He not only reserved transportation for the salt but also obtained it for himself. The papers show for themselves. The papers I send you were taken from Allen by Maj. Dameron after I had stated the salt at this place & turned it over to Maj Dani?? Chief Commissary for Mobile. I think the officer at Mobile who gave the Transportation for the salt should be made responsible.
Yours Respectfully
Geo Whitfield
Maj & Q. M.