UA, SIW 1/20/1865

Jany 20th 1865  {Date on the letter is 1864, but the material in the letter and the filing note on the back are 1865}
Mr. A. T. Jones
Dr Sir,
   Mr Andrews gave me an extra last Wednesday. When I arrived at Uniontown Col. Prichard took the train from me to transport government stores. I then came back to Selma and procured 3 cars by paying the conductor which I loaded and got in two of them today and will send them up by first train (Monday). The other car will come in Monday. Mr. Andrews promises me an extra again early next week. The ordnance, Hospital stores &c of Hoods army are being sent back to Georgia and all the rolling stock on the Miss road {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR} is being used for this purpose. Maj Peters collected the due bill on Mink Edwards & Co. I had 35 Bbls of Salt taken to the depot last Tuesday expecting they would go up Wednesday but they did not go up till today. Have not been able to sell the balance of the salt yet. Have only been offered 85c for it. Yours requesting me to hire carpenters came to hand -- have not found any to hire yet. Parties here are offering $100 for month for them. I shall want some $10,000 to finish paying for corn delivered. Parties are anxious to get the money as everybody is scared about the condition of Military affairs. The farmers and people generally are very badly frightened thinking the Yankees will soon over run and ruin the country. The farmers are asking $5 for corn and $15 for fodder, every lack of flour in town has been bought on speculation at $150 for sack osnaburgs are selling today at $5 for yd. 
   The present panic exceeds anything we have yet had. Hope it will not last long.
Respectfully yours
J. M. Tillman