UA, SIW 1/22/1865

Selby Iron Works
Jany 22d 1865
Maj Thos Peters
Dr Sir,
   A train {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR} came in tonight with 2 cars corn & one car of coal.
   As I wrote you a few days since there were 4 cars of our coal at the switch for us in the morning of the 17th. Two other cars were taken to Selma that morning & the other two to Montevallo. I learn by the conductor that all have been taken to Selma. This sort of business will not do. Stir the RRd men up.
   I wrote Mr Andrews that if he would have 12 cars at the coal road each Saturday the day he himself proposed, and no other cars for anyone else that they would be loaded and ready for his engine on the next day by 10 o'clock, and to instruct the conductor to see that no loaded cars were in ahead of them. The arrangement I made was for loading on that day. The parties may & may not be able to do the work if the cars are left at random.
   The boiler was left at the Bibb Rolling Mills. How was this? I thought it was for us.
Yos &c
A. T. Jones
V. P.