UA, SIW 1/9/1865

Office Shelby Iron Co
January 9th 1865
Maj. Thos Peters
Dear Sir,
   Mr. Edwards goes down to day with the expectation of visiting Cahaba before he returns. I think it would be well for you or Mr. Baker to go down with him. You can also show him the boilers in Selma which Capt Jones says he can spare.
   On reflection I think it would be best not to send Mr. Tillman to Florida but keep him to get forward the corn & fodder & hire negroes. He knows most every one in the vicinity of Selma and as others are fishing up a good many negroes in small lots I think he would be able to do so too. 
   We have about 20,000 lbs salt yet at the central ware house. Get Mr. Tillman to sell 10,000 to 12,000 lbs of it on the best terms he can. It cost 85c/lb. I sold all I could at 90c & 95c. We want a hand car for our railroad. Can't you buy one for us from some of the RRds? I understand the Marion road {Cahaba, Marion & Greensboro RR} had 6 or 8 which are more than they probably require. Get one in good repair. The coal train did not come to here. Mill will not run today for want of coal. This shows the importance of getting a good supply on hand. The rolled iron 1/2 square & locomotive tire ready for shipment. Will write you by the train carrying it down.
Very Respfly &c
A. T. Jones
P. S. Train got in about 10 oclock. I have sent down 12 big locomotive tires. Col. Hurst want 1 set, the rest you can dispose of to the RRds. I also send the Ala & Tenn RR {Alabama & Tennessee River RR} 134 bars asstd iron 11,191 lbs. which I requested Capt. W. to turn over to them.
Send 6 kegs 1-d nails