NA, AOM 5/11/1864

Rome Ga May 11th 1864
Maj. Thos Peters Qr Mr
Selma, Ala
   I am directed by Lt Gen Polk to inform you that he finds at this place one steamboat just completed starting today in fine order of 70 tons burthen -- with two barges nearly completed of 50 tons burthen each which the steamer can tow, which together can deliver 170 tons per week.
   The Lt. Genl Comdg directs that you arrange that roads between Blue Mt. & Greensport and between Blue Mt & Gadsden & ctrovas between them over which you will send your corn from Blue Mt {north end of the Alabama & Tennessee River RR}to the Coosa and from whence it will be shipped by steamer to Rome.
   After you shall have shipped an adequate supply to Rome, you will establish Depots at acceptable points along the Coosa from Rome to Greensport at which point you will concentrate grain and other supplies. Advise Maj Murphy C. S. of this arrangement and order him to concentrate at the points you may select. Let supplies be liberal and say the same to Maj. Murphy.
   The thing to be first looked after in the transfer between Blue Mt and the River. Press this matter promptly as vigorously to its completion. I have taken your man Wise the Ien, into my service and ordered him to report to you & first duty to which he has been a signal but been to raise a sunken steamer in this River & he has gone to work on it in earnest. Give ??? orders at this place.
   I have telegraphed you to send 50,000 horse ??? {shoes?} to this place and the Lt Genl. directs that you keep ??? with the regular amount, he last called on you for.
Resp &
D Wist