NA, ENG 6/15/1864

Demopolis 15 June 1864
Major General S. D. Lee
Dept. Miss & Ea La
   The accompanying letter to Lt. Genl. Polk was intended to be sent at the date of writing, but movements of the enemy on General Johnston's front rendered the work indicated impracticable for the time being & this letter was withheld till the present hoping the enemy would soon be driven back. The death of Genl. Polk, I presume places these matters entirely in your hands, and I now propose the same request to you that I made to Genl. Polk, for the Services of Major Peters, and for military aid in removing the iron from the Gainesville branch {the Mississippi, Gainesville & Tuscaloosa RR}, a part of which we shall require before long to complete the connection between Demopolis & McDowell {on the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR} which we are now grading. I trust you may be able to allow me the Services of Major Peters, for he is the most efficient man I can find for this work.
Very respectfully Yours
Minor Meriwether
Lt. Col Engineers P. A. C. S.
& Commissioner