Biography of Mason Morfit

Compiled by the National Archivists before the microfilming of the Civil War records.

 Entries in blue are references and my additions.

   Morfit was born in Maryland in 1836. He was an Attorney in Baltimore in 1860, living with his parents. His father was an Attorney and a brother was studying medicine. He married Elizabeth Garrison, of Beaufort, N. C., and they had nine children. He died in 1921, in Missouri, while visiting his son.
Uniform of Major Morfit
Morfit, Mason -- Capt. & A. Q. M.; Maj. & Q. M.
May 24, 1861 Appointed Transportation Agent at Weldon, N. C.
NA, VAF 6-2-61
July 20, 1861 Travel request issued at Weldon
September 2, 1861 Shipped ammunition from Petersburg
NCA, RRB 9-2-61
November 5, 1861 Reports on transportation from Petersburg
NA, QMR 11-5-61
November 18, 1861 Was involved in shipping old iron to Tredegar
On Duty on Richmond
January 3, 1862 Appointed Capt. & A. Q. M.; to report to Q. M. Gen. Formerly a Transportation Agent
January 10, 1862 Reports from Bristol about arrangements to get supplies across burned bridges in the area and will leave for Knoxville the next day
January 21, 1862 Purchased 5 cars
NA, RRB 1-21-62
January 25, 1862 President of East Tennessee & Virginia RR writes that Morfit wanted him to give up some Memphis & Charleston RR locomotives
NA, QMR 1-25B-62
January 28, 1862 Sent to Memphis to return cars to proper roads
NA, QM 1-28-62
NA, QM 1-10B-62
NA, QM 1-12-62
February 6, 1862 Purchased car springs from the Georgia RR
NA, G 2-6-62
February 8, 1862 Approved extra car for Gen. Magruder
NA, R&YR 2-8-62
February 18, 1862 Purchased 5 cars
NA, RRB 2-18-62
March 1, 1862 Sent to forward Government freight throughout the Confederacy
March 8, 1862 Capt. Morfit ordered to car makers
March 21, 1862 At Richmond signs voucher for mileage from March 6 to 18, 1862
March 23, 1862 Lee asks for him to accompany a stalled troop train to Petersburg
NA, QMR 3-23-62
March 25, 1862 Purchased 3 box cars
NA, RRB 3-25-62
April 2, 1862 Submits 1st Quarter Property Return
NA, QMR 4-2A-62
April 12, 1862 Reports transportation furnished to Troops
NA, QMR 4-12-62
April 17, 1862 Ordered to travel to Knoxville to see into the delays along the route; also sent to Augusta and Charleston to settle accounts
NA, RRB 4-17-62
April 19, 1862 Reports from Lynchburg regarding shipping stores
NA, QMR 4-19-62
NA, VC 4-19-62
April 21, 1862 Reports from Bristol regarding shipping freight
NA, QMR 4-21-62
April 24, 1862 Reports from Atlanta on commissary supplies
NA, QMR 4-24C-62
April 26, 1862 Reports 21 cars of iron at Charleston for Norfolk
NA, QMR 4-26-62
May 16, 1862 Commissary General requested Morfit be sent to expedite stalled commissary supplies
NA, QMR 5-16-62
NA, QMR 5-17B-62
May 21, 1862 At Richmond signs voucher for traveling expenses from April 23 to May 2, 1862
May 24, 1862 Provides coal to Georgia RR
June 12, 1862 Question raised whether a written order of his remains in force
NA, QMR 6-12B-62
June 21, 1862 Received 5 new box cars
June 26, 1862 Ordered to take over the duties Major Ashe had performed 
NA, QM 6-26-62
June 27, 1862 Approves bill for rent of Nashville & Chattanooga RR rolling stock
July 17, 1862 Forwards his instructions
NA, QMR 7-17A-62
July 18, 1862 Submits quarterly Property Report
NA, QMR 7-18-62
August 1, 1862 Capt. M. Morfit, Q. M. Dept, assigned as one of a commission to inquire into & report upon the railroad transportation of Confederate States
NCA, RRB 8-1-62
August 20, 1862 Probably in Augusta at meeting of Commission
NCA, RRB 8-7-62
August 21, 1862 Ordered to see to shipments of lumber on South Side RR for hospital
NA, QMR 8-21A-62
NA, QMR 8-25-62
August 28, 1862 Fremont questions QM General about a Morfit letter
NA, QMR 8-28-62
Reports Nashville & Chattanooga RR wants to rent Louisville & Nashville RR locomotive #38
NA, QMR 8-28A-62
August 31, 1862 Paid CS train hands
September 3, 1862 Orders quartermasters to ship medical supplies to a Richmond doctor
NP, RSTD 9-3A-62
September 8, 1862 Gives Ordnance Department routes for shipments west
NA, QMR 9-8B-62
September 23, 1862 Buys pile driver
September 29, 1862 Requested assignment as Superintendent of RRs
September 30, 1862 Paid CS train hands
NA, RRB 9-30-62
NA, RRB 9-30A-62
NA, RRB 9-30B-62
NA, RRB 9-30C-62
NA, RRB 9-30F-62
NA, RRB 9-30G-62
NA, RRB 9-30H-62
NA, RRB 9-30J-62
NA, RRB 10-1-62
September ?, 1862 Ordered 1030 pounds of iron bar from Tredegar for the Wilmington & Weldon RR {Tredegar Foundry Sale Book}
October 1, 1862 Paid for supplies and locomotive repair work for the previous quarter
Paid for fireman
October 6, 1862 Suggest one person be in charge of captured RR property
NA, QMR 10-6-62
October 8, 1862 Arranges ambulance trains
NA, QMR 10-8-62
October 9, 1862 Informs RRs of how the captured locomotives will be divided
October 16, 1862 Pleads for consideration for the Virginia Central RR
NA, VC 10-16-62
Notified of proposed disposition of captured car wheels
NA, QMR 10-15B-62
Investigated freight procedures
NA, QMR 10-16A-62
October 17, 1862 Appointed Edward R. Dorsey Transportation Agent at West Point, Ga.
Ordered to investigate a wreck caused by a government engineer
NA, QMR 10-17A-62
Ordered to investigate problems with North and South Carolina RRs
NA, QMR 10-15-62
Responded to Charlotte & South Carolina RR request for locomotives and cars
NA, QMR 10-3A-62
October 18, 1862 Wrote Mr. Goodwin to send his account to Morfit and he would try to get it paid
Asks Secretary of War be informed that the Government needs the rest of the enemy abandoned car parts
NA, QMR 10-18-62
Recommends not shipping ordnance by mail trains
NA, QMR 10-18A-62
October 20, 1862 Recommends taking action to provide rolling stock to roads in the west
NA, QMR 10-20-62
October 22, 1862 Supporting shipment of material for Piedmont RR construction
NA, ENG 10-22-62
October 24, 1862 Requests a train to Tarboro for corn
NCA, RRB 10-24A-62
NCA, RRB 11-3-62
Receives report of use of Manassas Gap RR cars by Virginia Central RR
NA, QMR 10-23A-62
October 25, 1862 Investigated the shipping of 2 Navy guns to Mobile
NA, QMR 10-25B-62
October 29, 1862 Informed that losses are due to cars damaged by troops
October 30, 1862 Responds to Orange & Alexandria RR complaint about use of cars
NA, QMR 10-27-62
Asks for receipt for cars Ashe had purchased from Georgia RR
NA, QMR 10-30A-62
October 31, 1862 Paid CS train hands
November 5, 1862 Confirms availability of transportation for ice
NA, QMR 10-24-62
November 6, 1862 Replies to South Side RR regarding notice of troop movements through Junction
NA, QMR 10-25-62
November 4, 1862 Suggests a report on the condition of the RRs and their methods of transportation
NA, QMR 11-4B-62
Comments regarding the distribution of captured locomotives on the Orange & Alexandria RR
NA, QMR 11-4C-62
November 7, 1862 Recommends impressing the iron of the Wilmington, Charlotte & Rutherford RR
NA, QMR 11-7-62
November 13, 1862 Signs for QM General reporting the assignment of a Transportation Agent
NA, QMR 11-13A-62
November 25, 1862 Requested consideration for Richmond & Danville RR depot
His letter regarding locomotive Spark mentioned
NA, QMR 11-25A-62
November 26, 1862 Promoted to Major
November 28, 1862 Facilitates shipment of bricks to Selma
NA, QMR 11-28B-62
November 29, 1862 Ordered to note shortage of coal cars
NA, QMR 11-24-62
November 30, 1862 Paid for repairs to several locomotives
NA, RRB 11-30-62
Paid CS train hands
NA, RRB 11-30A-62
NA, RRB 11-30B-62
NA, RRB 11-30I-62
NA, RRB 11-30J-62
NA, RRB 11-30K-62
NA, RRB 11-30M-62
NA, RRB 11-30N-62
NA, RRB 11-30O-62
NA, RRB 11-30P-62
NA, RRB 11-30R-62
NA, RRB 11-30S-62
December 1, 1862 Paid Agent
December 5, 1862 Tries to get stuck gun moving to Charleston 
NA, RR 12-5-62
December 19, 1862 Management of North Carolina RR to be investigated
December 20, 1862 Reports he is unable to improve the North Carolina RR unless he is sent there in person
NA, RR 12-19-62
December 23, 1862 Reported problems controlling rolling stock 
NA, RRB 12-23-62
December 20, 1862 At R. R. Transportation Office Q. M. Dept. Richmond, signs as Major. & Q. M.
December 29, 1862 Reports on the status of relations with Mr. Goodwin
Reports on repairing the Cowpasture River bridge
December 31, 1862 Paid train hands and Agent
NA, RRB 12-31-62
NA, RRB 12-31B-62
NA, RRB 12-31C-62
NA, RRB 12-31D-62
NA, RRB 12-31E-62
NA, RRB 12-31F-62
January, 1863 Appears to have been responsible for the use of all CS Government rolling stock
NA, RRB 1-2-63
NA, RRB 4-15-63
NA, RRB 10-2-63
January 20, 1863 At R. R. Transportation Office at Richmond, signs as Major & Q. M.
January 21, 1863 Details Transportation Agent in Montgomery
February, 1863 Made a trip that included Atlanta and Augusta looking for CS Government cars
NA, QMR 3-19-63
March 23, 1863 Approved bill for rental of rolling stock
NA, N&C 6-27-62
March 25, 1863 Asks how to pay Whitford
NA, QMR 3-25C-63
April 15, 1863 Requested relief from responsibility for certain rolling stock
NA, RRB 4-15-63
NA, RRB 5-29-63
May 5, 1863 States he leaves Charlotte for Columbia, S. C. today
NA, QM 5-5-63
May 15, 1863 Reports from Columbia and leaves for Charleston
NA, QMR 5-15A-63
May 25, 1863 As a result of his visit to Columbia, Capt. Sharp is assigned to expedite Government freight there
NA, QM 5-25-63
May 26, 1863 Writes report on improving shipping speed
NA, QMR 5-26B-63
May 29, 1863 Request permission to drop some cars from his property return
NA, QMR 5-29A-63
June 9, 1863 Reports on matters at Wilmington
NA, QMR 6-9A-63
June 12, 1863 Reports on matters at Charleston
NA, QMR 6-12A-63
June 14, 1863 After getting cargos ready for shipment, requests orders back to Richmond
NA, QMR 6-14-63
June 16, 1863 Sends bills of lading of ships with Government stores in Wilmington. Ask to be returned to his duties in Richmond
NA, QMR 6-16-63
June 18, 1863 President Wilmington & Weldon RR presents a plan to improve through freight at Wilmington and asks for Morfit to implement it
NA, QMR 6-18C-63
June 20, 1863 In Wilmington, requests QMG send Jacobs to Harpers Ferry to collect RR property
NA, QMR 6-20-63
June 26, 1863 Major & Q. M. ordered to report to Gen. D. H. Hill for assignment to duty at Wilmington, N. C.
June 29, 1863 Was given an order relating to RR transportation in Wilmington
NA, QM 6-29B-63
June 30, 1863 Provides report of his inspection trip to Wilmington and Charleston
NA, QMR 6-30-63
June ?, 1863 Is informed that the pontoons have not arrived
Transportation Agent at Wilmington
July 1, 1863 Previous order revoked and is assigned to duty at Wilmington to supervise the transportation and forwarding of all supplies, etc., reporting to Gen. Whiting
NA, QM 7-1-63
July 6, 1863 At Petersburg, would prefer orders there, but will leave for Wilmington soon
NA, QMR 7-6A-63
July 8, 1863 Asks if his orders have been changed
NA, QMR 7-8-63
July 12, 1863 Order assigning him to Wilmington
NA, QMR 7-12-63
Transportation Agent at Petersburg, Va.
July 14, 1863 Major & Q. M., relieved from duty at Wilmington and ordered to report to Petersburg, Va., to take charge of R. R. transportation 
July 23, 1863 Suggested he run the RR transportation in Petersburg
NA, QM 7-23-63
July 31, 1863 Informed that there was no government freight for Richmond or Petersburg at Weldon
August 5, 1863 Ordered to arrange for 3 barrels of rosin to be shipped weekly
August 13, 1863 Prior approval of rental of rolling stock mentioned
NA, N&C 8-13-63
NA, N&C 8-13A-63
August 19, 1863 Questions concerning his exercise of authority
NA, QM 8-19B-63
NA, QM 8-22-63
Instructed to send cars to Richmond for guns and carriages
August 24, 1863 His views on capability of Richmond & Petersburg RR referred to in a Whitford letter
NCA, RRB 8-24-63
September 3, 1863 At Petersburg, Va., signs as Major & Q. M.
September 4, 1863 Shipping ambulances
NCA, RRB 9-4A-63
September 8, 1863 Participates in sending Longstreet's troops to Georgia
October 1, 1863 Informed 600 prisoners enroute to him
October 2, 1863 Accounts for a RR car
October 4, 1863 The ambulances are on the way
October 5, 1863 Gen. G. E. Pickett, comdg. Dept. of N. C. Headquarters at Petersburg, Va. mentions Major Morfit as Transportation Agent at that place
October 9, 1863 Informed 468 prisoners enroute to him
October 10, 1863 Told 400 prisoners had departed for his location
October 13, 1863 Recommendation regarding shipping salt is not approved
October 21, 1863 At Petersburg, Va., signs as Major & Q. M.
October 29, 1863 Informed that prisoners are headed his way
November 14, 1863 Contacts Sims about traffic in Petersburg
RRBAT 11-14A-1863
November 19, 1863 Approves purchase of grease for Government engines
November 25, 1863 President of Petersburg RR writes Quartermaster General about Morfit and use of the Government connection in Petersburg
November 30, 1863 Relieved of duty in Petersburg
NA, QM 11-30-63
December 1, 1863 Letters regarding his being relieved in Petersburg
NA, QM 12-1-63
RRBA 12-5-1863
December 12, 1864 Called for clothing for 7525 POWs
NA, QMR 12-12-64
December 19, 1863 Ordered to inspect QM Posts and Depots on the Virginia & Tennessee RR (supply line for Longstreet)
NA, QM 12-19C-63
December 23, 1863 Major & Q. M. ordered to relieve Capt. H. McCoy, A. Q. M., in charge of Federal prisoners at Danville, Va.
January 28, 1864 At Petersburg, Va., signs voucher for commutation of fuel for January 1-28, 1864 and signs as Major & Q. M.
Commanding Prison Guard at Danville, Va.
February 1, 1864 Assumes command
NA, QMR 2-1A-64
March 6, 1864 At Danville, Va., signs as Major & Q. M., and writes in regard to prison guard
March 10, 1864 Mentioned as Commanding Prison Guard Forces at Danville, Va., under Gen. J. H. Winder, Commanding Department of Henrico.
April 20, 1864 Mentioned as Commanding Prison Guard Forces at Danville, Va.
June 4, 1864 Mentioned as Major & Q. M. commanding Prison at Danville, Va.
October 10, 1864 While in Richmond, asks for order for Salisbury QM to secure lumber for the building of a prison
NA, QMR 10-10B-64
October 12, 1864 Relieved from command at Danville, Va., and assigned to duty at Salisbury, N. C., as Prison Q. M. By order W. M. Gardner
Johnson's (B. T.) Command
October 20, 1864 Secretary of Wars says he will purchase Federal currency for all Bureaus
NA, ENGR 10-20-64
October 21, 1864 Requests lumber and wood be provided prisons
NA, QMR 10-21-64
October 29, 1864 Asks for teams and wagons to haul wood
NA, QMR 10-29B-64
November 23, 1864 Addressed as Major & A. Q. M. at Salisbury, N. C. (General Johnson was assigned temporary command of Salisbury Dec. 17, 1864 and was commanding in February, March and April, 1865)
February 7, 1865 Asks for pay for foremen of carpenter and blacksmith shops
NA, QMR 2-7A-65
February 17, 1865 Results of inspection of Salisbury POW camp
February 21, 1865 Coordinates movements of troops and prisoners
February 28, 1865 Signs as Major & Q. M. of Prison at Salisbury, N. C.
March 5, 1865 Suggested as suitable man to run unloading of trains at Salisbury
OR Series 1, Vol. 47, Part 2, Page 1328
March 9, 1865 Signs as Major & Q. M. of Prison at Salisbury, N. C.
March 24, 1865 Mentioned as Major & Q. M. Post Salisbury, N. C. and ordered by General Beauregard to obey General Bragg's order
April 6, 1865 Ordered to send staff wagons from Salisbury to Raleigh
April 19, 1865 Mentioned as Major & Q. M. Post Salisbury, N. C.
April 26, 1865 Paroled as Major & Q. M. of General B. T. Johnson's staff (N. C. Surrender)
June 1, 1865 Union evaluation of Morfit's responsibility regarding the Salisbury POW camp