Accidents on Confederate Railroads -- 1862

Below are the accidents I have been able to identify. I'm sure there were many more that I will uncover and add to the list and also that the vast majority of accidents will never be uncovered.
Date Railroad(s) Source


1/5 Virginia & Tennessee Richmond Dispatch 1/7 

NP, RD 1-7-62

  Orange & Alexandria Richmond Dispatch 1/14

NP, RD 1-14-62

1/7 Memphis & Charleston Richmond Dispatch 1/15

NP, RD 1-15-62

Memphis & Charleston Richmond Dispatch 1/15

NP, RD 1-15A-62

1/9 Orange & Alexandria Memphis Appeal 1/15

NP, MAP 1-15-62

1/14 South Carolina

Charleston Mercury 1/16

NP, CM 1-16-62

1/17 South Carolina Augusta Constitutionalist 1/22

NP, AC 1-22-62

1/18 Virginia & Tennessee Annual Report The Eastern bound mail train ran into a slide about one mile west of Marion, by which the engine was thrown off the track and badly broken. The train was detained at the place where the accident occurred until the next day, (the 19th) when a freight engine having been procured it started forward at about 5 o'clock, P. M. At 6:30 P. M., when about two miles east of Mount Airy, it came into collision with an extra engine going westward, sent from Central Depot for the purpose of taking the place of the disabled engine of the mail train, in pursuance of a telegraph dispatch directed to be sent on Saturday night the 18ty, and so dated by the Resident Engineer, James H. Buford, which message, going to the telegraph office being closed before the arrival of the messenger by whom it was sent to Glade Spring, the nearest telegraph station, was not sent until the next day (Sunday the 19th), and consequently was misunderstood by the Foreman of the shops at Central Depot. The Conductor of the mail train and the Engineer of the engine attached to it were not appraised that the extra engine was coming. It was one of those cases of misunderstanding that will sometimes occur under such circumstances, when all concerned are actuated by the best intentions. A soldier, by the name of Freeman, who was on the platform of the baggage car next to the engine, had both legs broken. He was taken to Wytheville and the bones set, and became convalescent and in a fair way of recovery, but by some imprudence not proper for a person in debilitated condition, afterwards died.
Richmond Dispatch 1/21

NP, RD 1-21A-62

1/26 Charlotte & South Carolina Charleston Mercury 1/29

 NP, CM 1-29-62

1/31 South Carolina Charleston Mercury 2/3

NP, CM 2-3-62

2/1 South Carolina Charleston Mercury 2/3

NP, CM 2-3-62

2/2 Memphis & Little Rock Memphis Daily State Journal 2/5 Part of Colonel Samuel B. Maxey's 9th Texas Infantry Regiment were en route from Little Rock to De Valls Bluff in several heavily loaded passenger cars, with a locomotive at each end of the train. Just before reaching De Valls Bluff, one of the cars became uncoupled and the forward engine shot on ahead; however, the engineer soon discovered the accident and held up for the cars in the rear. The engineer of the rear locomotive was unaware of the accident and crashed into the detached cars at full speed. The wreck resulted in ten soldiers being injured; one of the locomotives was heavily damaged and some of the cars sustained lighter damage.
2/4 Wilmington & Manchester Wilmington Journal 2/5

NP, WJ 2-5-62

Charleston Mercury 2/11

NP, CM 2-11-62

2/5 East Tennessee & Virginia Athens Post 2/6

NP, AP 2-6-62

2/6 Virginia Central Richmond Dispatch 2/7 

NP, RD 2-7A-62

Memphis, Clarksville & Louisville New Orleans Times Picayune 2/9

NP, NOTP 2-9-62

Macon & Western Southern Confederacy 2/7

NP, ASCY 2-7A-62

2/9 Richmond & Petersburg Annual Report A slave hired of Mr. H. B. Homes, while coupling some cars at Clover Hill, got hurt, and shortly afterwards died from the injury.
Virginia & Tennessee Annual Report A soldier, by the name of Beckwith, from Arkansas, in attempting to get on the train after it had started in the Lynchburg Depot, fell between the cars and the platform and was so badly injured that he died almost immediately.
Raleigh Dispatch 2/15

NP, RR 2-15D-62

Abt. 2/9 Virginia Central Charleston Mercury 2/12

NP, CM 2-12-62

2/10 North Carolina Greensboro Patriot 2/11

NP, GP 2-11-62

2/11 South Carolina Charleston Mercury 2/12

NP, CM 2-12B-62

Richmond Dispatch 2/13

NP, RD 2-13B-62

New Orleans True Delta 2/19

NP, TD 2-19-62

Yorkville Enquirer 2/20

NP, YE 2-20-62

North Carolina Wilmington Journal 2/14

NP, WJ 2-14-62

Raleigh Register 2/15

NP, RR 2-15C-62

Charleston Mercury 2/13

NP, CM 2-13-62

Wilmington & Manchester Richmond Dispatch 2/18

NP, RD 2-18-62  

2/12 East Tennessee & Georgia Richmond Dispatch 2/18

NP, RD 2-18A-62

2/15 Alabama & Florida (of Florida) Government Report

NA, A&F 5-7-62

2/19 Mississippi Central Memphis Appeal 2/21

NP, MAP 2-21A-62

2/23 Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Carolina Watchman 2/24

NP, CW 2-24-62

2/24 South Side and Virginia & Tennessee Richmond Dispatch 2/26

NP, RD 2-26-62

Western & Atlantic Southern Confederacy 2/25

NP, ASCY 2-25-62

2/26 Central (of Georgia) Annual Report Negro boy run over and killed at Millen in attempting to get on when train was backing
2/27 New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern Annual Report
New Orleans Times Picayune 2/28

NP, NOTP 2-28A-62

Richmond Dispatch 3/6

NP, RD 3-6A-62

Richmond Dispatch 3/10

NP, RD 3-10-62

? Wilmington Journal 3/1

NP, WJ 3-1-62

3/1 Nashville & Chattanooga Southern Watchman 3/5

NP, SW 3-5-62

3/4 Orange & Alexandria Charleston Mercury 3/10

NP, CM 3-10-62

3/5 East Tennessee & Georgia Mobile Advertiser & Register

NP, MAR 3-10-62

3/8 Mobile & Ohio New Orleans True Delta 3/12

NP, TD 3-12-62

3/12 Wilmington & Weldon Richmond Dispatch 3/18

NP, RD 3-18A-62

3/17 North Carolina Raleigh Register 3/29

NP, RR 3-29A-62

3/18 Mobile & Ohio Smith, Shiloh: Conquer or Perish Reports troop trains running into the rear of other troops trains
3/20 Western North Carolina Greensboro Patriot 4/13

NP, GP 4-13-62

3/22 Central (of Georgia) Annual Report An old negro man was knocked off the track and died from the injuries, he was walking on the Track.
3/24 Savannah, Albany & Gulf Southern Confederacy 3/30

NP, ASCY 3-30-62

3/26 Florida, Atlantic & Gulf Charleston Mercury 4/8

NP, CM 4-8-62

3/25 South Side Richmond Dispatch 3/27

NP, RD 3-27A-62

3/30 Wilmington & Weldon Richmond Dispatch 3/5

NP, RD 4-5A-62

North Carolina Wilmington Journal 4/7

NP, WJ 4-7A-62

3/? Mobile & Ohio Daniel, Cannoneers in Gray At Burnsville, Miss., 12 miles SE of Corinth, a train carrying a Mississippi battery collided with the eastbound passenger. Several cars wee smashed, but no damage to the battery men or guns.
3/? Probably Virginia & Tennessee Letter 4/4

NA, NOJ&GN 4-4-62

4/1 Memphis & Charleston Memphis Appeal 4/2

NP, MAP 4-2-62

4/3 New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern Letter 4/4

NA, NOJ&GN 4-4-62

4/6 Virginia Central and Orange & Alexandria Richmond Dispatch 4/7

NP, RD 4-7A-62

4/10 Memphis & Charleston Memphis Appeal 4/11

NP, MAP 4-11-62

4/15 Mobile & Ohio Wilmington Journal 4/28

NP, WJ 4-28-62

Atlanta & West Point Southern Confederacy 4/17

NP, ASCY 4-17-62

Southern Confederacy 4/19

NP, ASCY 4-19A-62

Raleigh Register 4/23

NP, RR 4-23-62

Mobile Advertiser & Record 4/23

NP, MAR 4-23-62

4/17 Memphis & Charleston New Orleans Times Picayune 4/19

NP, NOTP 4-19-62

4/20? in Petersburg Charleston Mercury 4/30

NP, CM 4-30-62

4/20 South Carolina Memphis Appeal 4/22

NP, MAP 4-22A-62

Memphis Appeal 5/1

NP, MAP 5-1-62

4/22 Seaboard & Roanoke Charleston Mercury 4/26

NP, CM 4-26-62

4/24 Mobile & Ohio RR Diary & Service Record Entries

MISC, M&O 4-24-62

Charleston Mercury 5/8

NP, CM 5-8-62

4/25 Central (of Georgia) Annual Report Way Freight ran over a small negro boy near 70 mile post, asleep on Track and killed him.
South Carolina Wilmington Journal 4/29

NP, WJ 4-29-62

Richmond Digest 4/30

NP, RD 4-30A-62

4/29 North Carolina Raleigh Standard 4/30

NP, RSTD 4-30-62

4/30 Mississippi & Tennessee Memphis Appeal 5/1

NP, MAP 5-1A-62

5/3 Petersburg Richmond Dispatch 5/5

NP, RD 5-5A-62

Richmond Dispatch 5/6

NP, RD 5-6-62

Memphis & Charleston Memphis Appeal 5/4

NP, MAP 5-4A-62

Memphis Appeal 5/6

NP, MAP 5-6-62

5/5 Virginia Central Richmond Dispatch 5/8

NP, RD 5-8-62

5/7 Charlotte & South Carolina Greensboro Patriot 5/8

NP, GP 5-8-62

Northeastern Charleston Mercury 5/8

NP, CM 5-8A-62

5/8 Mississippi & Tennessee Memphis Appeal 5/10

NP, MAP 5-10A-62

South Carolina Charleston Mercury 5/9

NP, CM 5-9-62

5/9 Virginia Central  Richmond Dispatch 5/12

NP, RD 5-12-62

5/9 Buffalo Bayou, Brazos & Colorado Houston Telegraph 5/12

NP, HT 5-12-62

5/22 North Carolina Wilmington Journal 5/23

NP, WJ 5-23-62

Raleigh Standard 6/4

NP, RSTD 6-4C-62

?/? North Carolina Annual Report Between June 1, 1861 and May 30, 1862, there have been twenty-five trains off or partially off the track, from the following reasons: one from washing out of culvert; on by running over a cow; three by defects in the track; twelve by broken axles; eight by various parts giving way about the cars. Besides the above there have been two destructive and one slight collision. These accidents have caused the loss of much property to the company, and the death of three of the Company's hands, and one of the Express Company's Agents. While most of these accidents occurred to passenger trains, not a single passenger's life was lost and but few received any injury. 
6/3 Virginia Central? Richmond Dispatch 6/4

NP, RD 6-4A-62

  Military Connector Richmond Dispatch 6/4

NP, RD 6-4B-62

6/4 Richmond Military Connector Richmond Enquirer 6/5

NP, RE 6-5-62

Central (of Georgia) Annual Report A soldier sitting in car door, fell our or was dragged out by a fence and killed.
6/5 Southern of Mississippi Richmond Dispatch 6/17

NP, RD 6-17B-62

North Carolina Greensboro Patriot 6/5

NP, GP 6-5-62

Carolina Watchman 6/9

NP, CW 6-9-62

6/6 Richmond & Petersburg Richmond Enquirer 6/7

NP, RE 6-7-62

North Carolina Wilmington Journal 6/11

NP, WJ 6-11-62

6/15 South Carolina Southern Watchman 6/18

NP, SW 6-18-62

6/23 East Tennessee & Georgia Army telegram 6/23

NA, DET 6-23-62

6/27 Mississippi Central American Citizen

NP, ACT 7-4-62

6/30 Richmond & Danville Richmond Dispatch 7/1

NP, RD 7-1-62

7/1 Wilmington & Weldon Raleigh Register 7/5

NP, RR 7-5-62

Wilmington Journal 7/2

NP, WJ 7-2-62

7/3 Richmond & Danville Richmond Enquirer 7/4

NP, RE 7-4-62

Richmond Enquirer 7/5

NP, RE 7-5-62

Richmond Dispatch 7/4

NP, RD 7-4-62

7/6 Western & Atlantic Southern Confederacy 7/8

NP, ASCY 7-8-62

Southern Confederacy 7/12

NP, ASCY 7-12-62

Wilmington Journal 7/8

NP, WJ 7-8A-62

Richmond Dispatch 7/8

NP, RD 7-8A-62

Macon Telegraph 7/12
7/10 Wilmington & Manchester Wilmington Journal 7/14

NP, WJ 7-14A-62

Richmond Dispatch 7/16

NP, RD 7-16A-62

7/11 Richmond & Danville Richmond Enquirer 7/11

NP, RE 7-11A-62

7/13 Houston Tap & Brazoria Houston Telegraph 7/14

NP, HT 7-14-62

7/19 Richmond Military Connector Richmond Enquirer 7/21

NP, RE 7-21-62

Central (of Georgia) Annual Report A soldier was killed while sitting in car door, fell out or was dragged out by a fence.
7/22 South Side Richmond Dispatch 7/23

NP, RD 7-23-62

Raleigh Register 7/30

NP, RR 7-30-62

Wilmington Journal 7/26

NP, WJ 7-26-62

Macon Telegraph 7/31

NP, MT 7-31-62

Memphis Appeal 8/1

NP, MAP 8-1-62

South Carolina (2) Charleston Mercury 7/23

NP, CM 7-23-62

7/? Central (of Georgia) Annual Report A white man, drunk, in attempting to get on Train at Macon Depot, fell on Track, was run over, and killed.
8/1 Richmond & Danville Richmond Enquirer 8/2

NP, RE 8-2-62

Richmond Dispatch 8/2

NP, RD 8-2-62

Mobile & Ohio Selma Morning Reporter 8/12

NP, SMR 8-12-62

Alabama & Florida (of Alabama) Memphis Appeal 8/6

NP, MAP 8-6-62

Selma Morning Reporter 8/12

NP, SMR 8-12-62

8/4 Central (of Georgia) Annual Report A negro woman was found dead on Track at 77 mile post, it is supposed she was a runaway and fell from a Passenger Car Truck.
Mobile & Ohio Richmond Dispatch 8/13

NP, RD 8-13-62

Selma Morning Reported 8/12

NP, SMR 8-12-62

8/10 Virginia & Tennessee Annual Report and Richmond Dispatch 8/16 The engine of mail train going west ran off the track near Forest Deport, by which the passenger cars were forced together crushing the platforms. Three soldiers who were on the platforms at the time were injured, viz: James Lambert, of Richmond, a member of the Caskie Rangers, who died a short time after being brought to Lynchburg; Thos. J. Spradlin and G. A. Vanenger of Bedford county. Mr. Spradlin had one of his legs severed from his body, and I believe afterwards died. Mr. Vanenger, it was thought at the time would recover; they were taken to the hospital in Lynchburg, and I have never learned whether they survived their injuries or not.
8/15 Virginia Central Richmond Dispatch 8/16

NP, RD 8-16A-62

8/19 Virginia & Tennessee Annual Report A small boy by the name of John Seay, was ran over in Lynchburg by the Switching Engine, and had both thighs broken, no blame could be attached to the man in charge of the engine, as the boy was hanging on to the back part of the tender without his knowledge, and fell or jumped off, and the engine moving backward at the time, passed over him before he could be seen.
8/21 Virginia Central Richmond Dispatch 8/22

NP, RD 8-22-62

8/25 Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Richmond Dispatch 8/27

NP, RD 8-27-62

LVA, RF&P 10-5-62
9/3 Mobile & Ohio Memphis Appeal 9/6

NP, MAP 9-6-62

9/12 Central (of Georgia) Annual Report An officer fell or jumped from Platform of Passenger Car, and died from effects of the fall, he was not run over; another was killed in same way about same date.
Macon Telegraph 9/19

NP, MT 9-19-62

9/14 Wilmington & Weldon Richmond Dispatch 9/15

NP, RD 9-15-62

Raleigh Register 9/17

NP, RR 9-17-62

Carolina Watchman 9/22

NP, CW 9-22-62

9/18 Nashville & Chattanooga Chattanooga Daily Rebel 10/1

NP, CDR 10-1B-62

9/24 South Carolina Charleston Mercury 9/25

NP, CM 9-25-62

9/25 Richmond & York River Richmond Dispatch 9/26

NP, RD 9-26-62

9/26? Charleston & Savannah Charleston Mercury 9/29


10/10 North Carolina Carolina Watchman 10/13

NP, CW 10-13A-62

10/14 Virginia Central Richmond Dispatch 10/18

NP, RD 10-18-62

Staunton Spectator 10/21

NP, SSGA 10-21-62

Raleigh Standard 10/29

NP, RSTD 10-29-62

Western & Atlantic Chattanooga Daily Rebel 10/16

NP, CDR 10-16-62

10/19 Mississippi Central Memphis Appeal 10/20

NP, MAP 10-20-62

Memphis Appeal 10/21

NP, MAP 10-21-62

Raleigh Standard 11/12

NP, RSTD 11-12B-62

Richmond Dispatch 10/30

NP, RD 10-30-62

10/21 South Carolina Charleston Mercury 10/22

NP, CM 10-22-62

10/25 Richmond Military Connector Richmond Enquirer 10/27 

NP, RE 10-27-62

Wilmington & Weldon Wilmington Journal 10/27

NP, WJ 10-27-62

Wilmington Journal 10/28

NP, WJ 10-28-62

10/28 Raleigh & Gaston Annual Report A terrible disaster was occasioned by the collision of a gravel and passenger train near Forestville, causing the melancholy death of several persons and seriously injuring others.
Raleigh Register 10/29

NP, RR 10-29-62

Richmond Dispatch 10/30

NP, RD 10-30A-62

Raleigh State Journal 10/29

NP, RSJ 10-29-62

Raleigh State Journal 10/29

NP, RSJ 10-29A-62

Carolina Watchman 11/3

NP, CW 11-3-62

10/31 Raleigh & Gaston Raleigh State Journal 11/3

NP, RSJ 11-3-62

11/2 Central (of Georgia) Annual Report A negro boy was run over and killed, he was running away and riding on the Truck of Passenger Car, from which he fell.
11/4 East Tennessee & Georgia Athens Post 11/7

NP, AP 11-7-62

Chattanooga Rebel 11/7

NP, CR 11-7-62

Raleigh Register 11/8

NP, RR 11-8A-62

Greensboro Patriot 11/13

NP, GP 11-13-62


AHC, ETG 11-4-62

Raleigh & Gaston Raleigh Standard 11/5

NP, RSTD 11-5-62

11/6 Virginia Central Richmond Dispatch 11/8

NP, RD 11-8-62

South Carolina Raleigh Register 11/12

NP, RR 11-12-62

Charleston Mercury 11/8

NP, CM 11 8-62

11/7 Houston Tap & Brazoria Montgomery Mail 11/30

NP, MM 11-30-62

11/8 Wilmington & Manchester Charleston Mercury 11/10

NP, CM 11-10-62

11/10 East Tennessee & Virginia Annual Report A track bar broke three miles West of Bristol. One second-class car was very much injured, and two passenger coaches slightly damaged. Two passengers, one slightly, the other seriously injured; but is recovering.
11/11 Greenville & Columbia South Carolinian 11/12

NP, SC 11-12-62

Charleston Mercury 11/13

NP, CM 11-13A-62

Southern Confederacy 11/18

NP, ASCY 11-18-62

11/13 Northeastern Charleston Mercury 11/15

NP, CM 11-15-62

11/15 Wilmington & Manchester Confederate Union 11/18

NP, CU 11-18-62

11/18 Virginia Central Richmond Enquirer 11/19

NP, RE 11-19-62

11/19 or before North Carolina Army Report

NA, RR 11-19-62

11/20 Nashville & Chattanooga Houston Telegraph 12/12

NP, HT 12-12A-62

11/21 Buffalo Bayou, Brazos & Colorado Houston Telegraph 11/26

NP, HT 11-26-62

11/26 Wilmington & Manchester Charleston Mercury 11/28

NP, CM 11-28-62

Richmond Dispatch 11/28

NP, RD 11-28-62

Wilmington Journal 11/28

NP, WJ 11-28A-62

Richmond Dispatch 11/29

NP, RD 11-29-62

11/29 Atlantic & North Carolina Letter

NCA, RRB 11-29-62

11/? Savannah, Albany & Gulf Annual Report Eight Freight Cars, attached to an irregular train which was thrown from the track in November last, were destroyed or so badly injured as to render them unfit for repairs. An old negro man, acting in the capacity of Train Hand, was so seriously injured as to die from the effects shortly thereafter. The accident occurred on the trestle over Forrest Pond, about 49 miles west of Savannah, and was occasioned by the heating of one of the journals which burnt the track in two -- disarranging the running gear and throwing the car from the track. 
12/2 Virginia & Tennessee Annual Report Two passenger cars ran off the track between Mount Airy and Wytheville, in mail train, coming East, and a colored brakeman by the name of James Finney, had his leg broken, of which injury he died.
12/6 Richmond & Danville Richmond Dispatch 12/8

NP, RD 12-8-62

12/10 Southern (of Mississippi) Memphis Appeal 12/18

NP, MAP 12-18-62

12/13 Northeastern Charleston Mercury 12/15

NP, CM 12-15-62

12/18 Laurens Charleston Mercury 12/22

NP, CM 12-22-62

12/22 Richmond & Danville Richmond Dispatch 12/23

NP, RD 12-23-62

Nashville & Chattanooga Richmond Dispatch 12/25

NP, RD 12-25-62

Wilmington & Weldon Official Records

OR Series 1, Vol. 18, Page 808

12/23 Mobile & Ohio Memphis Appeal 12/26

NP, MAP 12-26-62

South Carolina Charleston Mercury 12/24

NP, CM 12-24-62

12/28 Southern (of Mississippi) Memphis Appeal 12/29

NP, MAP 12-29-62

Army telegram

NA, DMEL 12-28A-62

12/30 Central (of Georgia) and Augusta & Savannah Macon Telegraph 12/31

NP, MT 12-31-62

12/31 Southern (of Mississippi) Army telegram

NA, DMEL 12-31A-62

NA, DMEL 12-31B-62

Southern Crisis 1/1

NP, SC 1-1-63

Vicksburg Whig 1/1

NP, VW 1-1B-63

NP, VW 1-1C-63

12/? East Tennessee & Georgia Richmond Dispatch 12/12

NP, RD 12-12A-62

?/? South Side Annual Report An accident happened to a soldier train of Richmond & Danville cars, drawn by one of our engines, shortly after it left the Junction. Three cars ran off the track down an embankment, and about thirty soldiers were more or less injured, of whom four died from the effects of their wounds. Whether the accident was caused by a defect in the track or the cars, I could not ascertain. It occurred on a straight line and on an embankment, places where accidents do not often happen from defects in the track, while accidents, from cars getting out of order, are liable to occur at any point of the road.