Biography of George Whitfield

Compiled by the National Archivists before the microfilming of the Civil War records.

 Entries in blue are references and my additions.

   George Whitfield's father, James, was Governor of Mississippi in 1851-1852.  George was born in 1827 in Georgia. His wife, Julia, was born in 1828. The 1860 Census shows George as a Planter, with Real Estate worth $25,000 and a Personal Estate (slaves) worth $75,000. His census residence was in the City of Columbus, County of Lowndes, Miss.
   Immediately after the war (December, 1865), Whitfield is listed as a reference for a warehouse company in Corinth, Miss. He is listed as part of Whitfield, Billups & Co. of Mobile.
   There was a Quarter Master Major George A. Whitfield who served in the North Carolina/Virginia area who must not be confused with this George Whitfield.
Whitfield, George -- Capt. & A. Q. M.; Maj. & Q. M.
Early 1861 Enlisted in unit that was formed shortly after Mississippi succeeded and before the Confederacy was formed and went immediately to Pensacola
February, 1861 Returned to Columbus and enlisted in state service
March 27, 1861 Was a private in the 10th Mississippi Infantry in Columbus, Miss. when that unit was formed. The unit went to Pensacola.
April 10, 1861 Sends estimates for funds for April and requests blank forms
NA, QMR 4-10A-61
May 28, 1861 Assigned to duty as Captain & A. Q. M. with Mississippi troops and ordered to report to General Bragg, commanding at Pensacola
10th Mississippi Infantry
April 27, 1861 Appointed from Mississippi as Captain & A. Q. M., to report to 10th Mississippi Infantry (Memo -- Formerly Private in Company D)
Col. A. H. Gladden's Command
May 17, 1861 Assigned to duty as Captain & A. Q. M. 3d Brigade, Army of Pensacola (Special Order 58, Bragg)
October 13, 1861 Forwards returns to Quarter Master General, and signs as A. Q. M., from Warrington, Fla.
November 30, 1861 Pays for shipyard lookout
Bragg's Command
December 11, 1861 Assigned as Acting Chief Quarter Master of the Army of Pensacola during the absence of Major O'Bannon (Special Order 304, Bragg)
December 31, 1861 Pays for schooner rental
January 1, 1862 Buys a horse
January 31, 1862 Forwards returns from O'Bannonville, Fla. and signs as Captain & A. Q. M.
Pays for slave hire
February 8, 1862 Buys lumber
February 28, 1862 Signs voucher as Captain & A. Q. M., approved by General Bragg
March 26, 1862 Was assigned by General Bragg, with two others to survey a lot of mules and horses. Since the officers were in Corinth and the horses were in Columbus, the survey team asked if they were to go to Columbus. No answer or report of the survey have been found.
March 28, 1862 Appointed Captain & AQM and ordered to report to Gen. Bragg at Pensacola
April 13, 1862 Sends reports from Corinth
NA, QMR 4-13-62
April 28, 1862 General Bragg, Commanding 2d Corps, Army of the Mississippi, mentions him as Captain & A. Q. M.
D. Ruggles' Command
May 11, 1862 Captain  A. Q. M. will report to General Ruggles (Special Order 4, Army of the Mississippi)
May 12, 1862 General Ruggles, commanding a division, requests that he be promoted to the rank of Major and assigned to his staff.
May 20, 1862 Announced as Captain & Chief Quarter Master to General Ruggles, Commanding the Special Department of guards and Depots (OR 10-2, p 534)
June 12, 1862 Signs as Major & Chief Quarter Master of Special Department of Guards and Depots, General Ruggles Commanding. Reports on inspection tour he took of the Quartermasters in the department.
August 5, 1862 Mentioned by General Ruggles, commanding 2d Division, Breckinridge's command, as Captain & Chief Quarter Master on his staff (OR 15, p82)
August 7, 1862 Buys horses
August 30, 1862 Appointed Major & Quarter Master October 7, 1862, to rank from August 30, 1862, to report to General Ruggles (Report, A.O)
September 5, 1862 Announced as Major & Chief Quarter Master, District of the Mississippi (G. O. 1, Ruggles)  Memo -- General Ruggles was commanding temp. The District was designated the Department of Mississippi & East Louisiana on October 1, 1862
October 28, 1862 Requested that Major Whitfield be assigned to the special duty of directing transportation in connection with the railroads at Jackson, Miss.
Pemberton's Command
September, 1862 Ordered to report to Gen. Pemberton
Unknown Was assigned as Military Superintendent of Railroads
August 2, 1863 Commended for his work for Gen. Pemberton at Vicksburg
August 6, 1863 Ordered to not pay a Mississippi railroad until an investigation is complete
J. E. Johnston's Command
October 7, 1863 Assigned to duty as Superintendent of Railroad Transportation, by command of General J. E. Johnston
October 27, 1863 Questions paying for a steamer's detention at Selma
November 4, 1863 Asked to send cars with/for lumber
December 9, 1863 Confirmed that Major Whitfield will continue in his present position in the Rail Road Service
December 19, 1863 His plan approved for giving citizens Mobile & Ohio RR cars to transport corn
NA, DW 12-19-63
January 1, 1864 From Meridian, Mississippi, forwards returns to Quarter Master General for 4th Quarter 1863
L. Polk's Command
January 9, 1864 Assigned duty as Superintendent of Rail Road transportation by General Polk
January 12, 1864 General Johnston requests Major Whitfield to reform his railroads
January 16, 1864 Requested to provide 25 coal cars
NA, RRB 1-16-64
January 27, 1864 Cannot visit Sims because of troop and corn movements
January 31, 1864 At Meridian, Mississippi, requests that his resignation as Major & Quarter Master be accepted, and says: "I have served with Generals Bragg, Gladden, Ruggles, Pemberton, Johnston, and am now subject to the order of General Polk." Disapproved by General Polk.   Memo -- General Polk was assigned January 28 and relieved of command of Department of Alabama, Mississippi & East Louisiana, May 5, 1864
February 2, 1864 Recommends reports for all transportation provided
NA, QMR 2-2D-64
February 9, 1864 Works to remove stores from before the enemy's advance
February 15, 1864 Buys chains and plank for construction of Tombigbee Bridge
February 19, 1864 Mobile & Ohio RR Superintendent reports success in removing stores from in front of the enemy and gives Whitfield great credit for the success.
February 26, 1864 General Polk says: "I have given the requisite authority to Major George Whitfield, of the Quarter Master Department" to repair the raid damage
March 3, 1864 General Maury says: "Major Whitfield of the Quarter Master Department exhibits a great deal of courage in saving rolling stock and Government stores." 
March 7, 1864 Has Williams telegraph QMG for orders to get a QM to issue him supplies to repair Mobile & Ohio RR
NA, RRB 3-7A-64
March 9, 1864 Given 2 locomotives to use
NA, DAMEL 3-9-64
March 10, 1864 Asks questions regarding paying negroes; reports planned completion of repairs of various RRs
NA, QMR 3-20A-64
March 11, 1864 Received 300 kegs of spikes from Sims
March 20, 1864 Ordered to send train to Gainesville for stores for Forrest
NA, DAMEL 3-20-64
March 30, 1864 Receives instructions from Quarter Master General regarding paying for slave labor
A report has not been received
April 6, 1864 Mentioned as on same duty as on May 25, 1864, repairing raid damage on the Southern (of Mississippi) RR and the Mobile & Ohio RR
April 10, 1864 Repairs Southern (of Mississippi) RR
April 16, 1864 Broke his leg
May 10, 1864 Reports he will need up to two months to get well
May 11, 1864 Requests 6 weeks leave of absence
May 16, 1864 Ordered to help rebuild the Memphis & Charleston RR
May 20, 1864 Reports that he is too ill to work for about 6 weeks
May 23, 1864 Told to not repair the Memphis & Charleston RR at present
NA, DAMELA 5-23-64
May 25, 1864 Mentioned as on Railroad duty in Department of Alabama, Mississippi & East Louisiana
May 26, 1864 Major & Quarter Master ordered to report to Col. F. W. Sims for assignment to the duty of superintending and controlling Government transportation on the railroads west of the Alabama River.  
S. D. Lee's Command
June 21, 1864 From Columbus, Miss. writes to General Polk requesting extension of leave, inclosing Medical certificate  Memo -- General Polk was killed June 14, 1864
June 30, 1864 In printed list of Quarter Master's he is reported as in charge of Railroad transportation, Meridian, Miss.
July 5, 1864 Reports for duty to Col. Sims
July 10, 1864 Makes arrangements for troop movement
Orders Williams to take Whitfield's office job
NA, RRB 7-10-64
July 20, 1864 Reports to Sims that General S. D. Lee has ordered him to repair the Mobile & Ohio RR after a raid
D. H. Maury's Command
July 22, 1864 Capt. Williams ordered to him
NA, RRB 7-22-64
July 25, 1864 Ordered to remove iron from the North West RR of Alabama
NA, DAMELA 7-25A-64
July 27, 1864 Addressed by Gen. Maury, Commanding Department of Alabama, Mississippi & East Louisiana, as Major & Quarter Master, Montgomery, Ala.  
July 30, 1864 Reports that the Mobile & Ohio RR will be repaired to Corinth in a few days
Late July to August 4, 1864 Repaired the Montgomery & West Point RR
August 20, 1864 General Maury says: "Major Whitfield reports Montgomery road ready next Thursday
September 1, 1864 General Maury, commanding the Department of Alabama, Mississippi & East Louisiana, says: "The early completion of the railroad is due to the skill of Major George Whitfield, of the Quarter Master Department."
September 3,1864 Arranges for major troop movement
September 9, 1864 Reports his military history to the QM General
R. Taylor's Command
September 12, 1864 Mentioned as Major & Quarter Master in charge of railroad transportation, at Meridian, Miss.  (Special Order 216 (24) AGO)  Memo -- General Taylor assumed command September 6, 1864
September 23, 1864 Involved in determining who should pay for the recent repairs to the Mobile & Ohio RR
October 4, 1864 Asks QMG to get a train crew exchanged
NA, QMR 10-4A-64
October 7, 1864 Writes QMG about various transportation issues
NA, QMR 10-7-64
October 11, 1864 Asked to report on need to move horses by train
NA, DAMELA 10-11-64
October 13, 1864 Reports problems shipping corn in Mississippi to QMG
NA, QMR 10-13A-64
October 22, 1864 Ordered to fix water problem on the Alabama & Tennessee River RR
October 26, 1864 Was ordered several days ago to repair Mobile & Ohio RR and Memphis & Charleston RR
October 28, 1864 From Meridian, assisted in rebuilding the Memphis & Charleston RR
October 30, 1864 Reports condition of Alabama & Tennessee River RR to QMG
NA, QMR 10-30-64
October 31, 1864 Addressed by General Hood as Major & Quarter Master, Meridian, Miss. 
November 6, 1864 At Corinth, Miss., signs as Major & Quarter Master
November 15, 1864 Request 2 engineer companies to repair 2 railroads
November 29, 1864 Sims quotes from a letter by Whitfiel regarding his duties
NA, ENGR 11-29-64
December 9, 1864 Reports he needs more force to repair the roads feeding Hood
NA, DAMEL 12-9-64
NA, DAMEL 12-9A-64
December 4, 1864 Recommends Williams for promotion
NA, RRB 12-4-64
December 10, 1864 Recommends creating a railroad repair force in the west
December 13, 1864 General Hood mentions him as "Major Whitfield, the Quarter Master charged with rebuilding the railroad from Cherokee toward Decatur" 
December 14, 1864 Recommends promotion of a QM Captain
NA, QMR 12-14B-64
December 21, 1864 At Corinth, Miss., signs as Major & Quarter Master in charge of railroad transportation west of the Alabama River. Letter indorsed by General Taylor, commanding the Department of Alabama, Mississippi & East Louisiana (L-1792, AGO)
January 5, 1865 Sims cannot grant request to form a RR repair unit
January 13, 1865 Repairing western railroads
January 15, 1865 Ordered to send men and tools to Opelika
NA, DAMEL 1-29-65
January 16, 1865 At Meridian, Miss., signs as Major & Quarter Master. Assisted in planning the movement of the Army of Tennessee to the east.
January 19, 1865 Sends agreement with government RR rates
NA, QMR 1-19D-65
January 23, 1865 Submits rate for Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR
NA, QMR 1-23-65
January 24, 1865 Sims writes for information
February 1, 1865 Ordered to provide Meriwether a train as soon as possible
NA, DAMELA 2-1-65
February 7, 1865 Sims writes that he is to receipt for 2 locomotives
February 11, 1865 Ordered to run a train of meat to Mobile over all objections
NA, DAMELA 2-11-65
NA, DAMELA 2-11A-65
February 22, 1865 Engineer was ordered to give Whitfield 50 slaves for two weeks
NA, DAMELA 2-22-65
March 3, 1865 Informed that Taylor will accept his plan in some instances
NA, DAMELA 3-4-65
Taylor wants a plan for moving men to their commands
NA, DAMELA 3-4A-65
April 3, 1865 General Taylor requests that Major Whitfield be instructed to remove portions of engines 
Asked if Selma trains got to Demopolis safely
NA, DAMEL 4-3-65
April 4, 1865 Complains of shortage of hands at Demopolis
NA, DAMEL 4-4A-65
May 5, 1865 Addressed by General Taylor, commanding the Department of Alabama, Mississippi & East Louisiana, as Major George Whitfield, Chief of Railroad Transportation (OR 49-2, p1281)
May 10, 1865 Paroled as Major & Quarter Master in General Taylor's Army  (Sur. Ala., Miss. & E. La., May 4, 1865)
June 10, 1865 Requests pardon