NA, QM 9/9/1864

Office Chief of Rail Road
Meridian Miss Sept. 9/64
Major B. F. Jones
Transportation Qr. Mr.
   I have the honor to state that I was appointed Captain AQM on the 28th of March 1862 & ordered to report to Genl. Bragg & was under his orders at Pensacola Flor from early in April until he left for Corinth. I remained at Pensacola with Genl Sam Jones until I received orders to go to Corinth. Pensacola being ordered evacuated I moved a  vast amount of Government property & was at this work when I received said order.
   I remained under the orders of Genl. Bragg at Corinth until within a few days before the evacuation of that place having been ordered to duty with Genl. Rugerles. I remained with him from about 2nd May 1862 until Sept. 1862. On Aug 31, 1862 I was appointed Major & QrMr. In Sept I was ordered by Genl Pemberton to report to Maj L. Mims his Chf QrMr. I remained with Maj. Mims as asst Chf QrMr until the fall of Vicksburg when I was ordered by Gen Johnston to report to Major A M Barbour his Chief Quartermaster & was on special Duty until the 7th of October 1863. I was then placed on Duty as Superintendent of RR Transportation a copy of which order is herewith enclosed. Genl Polk continued me in the same duty a copy of his order is also enclosed.
   On the 26th of May last I was ordered by the Hon. Secty of War to report to Lent Col F W Sims for assignment to duty of superintending & controlling Govt Transportation on Rail Roads west of the Alabama River.
   (II) My Duties are to control with all Rail Roads west of the Alabama River on behalf of the Government subject to the approval of Leut Col Sims. To see that the Rail Roads do their Duty to the Government & transport Govt supplies as rapidly as possible also to see that Govt Officers do not unnecessarily interfere with Rail Roads & their management; to see as far as possible that transportation is properly issued & that transportation officers properly perform their Duties as such & take charge of all Rail Road property not owned in the Confederacy & to extend to Rail Roads every facility to enable them to perform the work required of them by the Government as speedily as possible & detect & have punished all persons who are stealing or defrauding the Govt in matters of transportation so far as it is possible.
   I have succeeded in bringing to justice some men engaged in defrauding the Government from Oct to Feb last.
   I succeeded in saving at the evacuation of Meridian (Feb 14 last) millions of Dollars worth of Govt stores together with all rolling stock of R. R. except for four or five old cars which were so much out of order as not to be in a condition to be taken away & were brought here as being valuable only for the old iron in them.
   No Government stores were lost here except some mill material which we did not have the labor to load. This being Hd Qrs of the Dept a vast amount of stores were accumulated at this point and a short time before the enemy occupied the place. 
   I left on the last train having material until a short time before the enemy occupied the place.
   Removing to Enterprise 14 miles south of Meridian I moved all the stores there except some corn in the shuck which could not be loaded in the cars for want of time & labor. I also saved 2000 bales of Cotton& remained at that place 48 hours after the enemy occupied Meridian. The last train from Enterprise left only about 1/2 hour before the enemy occupied that place. 
   I moved all the stores as I went down the road thus saving a vast amount of Government & Rail Road property. Genl Polk then ordered me to repair the Mobile Road {Mobile & Ohio RR} which had been destroyed by the enemy 48 miles & several Howe truss bridges burned. In connection with Mr. Fleming, the energetic superintendent of the Road we had the cars running & the road well repaired in 25 1/2 days. This I consider extraordinary when it is taken into consideration how effectively the road was destroyed, the iron being piled upon the cross ties & the ties burned which bent the iron & in many instances the iron was wrapped around trees. The iron had to be straightened & the crossties be got out again.
   When the Mobile road was finished Genl Polk ordered us to repair the Miss Central, New Orleans & Southern Roads {Mississippi Central; New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern; and Southern of Mississippi RRs} which were put into running order in a very short time making railroad connection from Meridian to Oxford & Senatobia Miss.
   On the 14th of April my leg was broken accidentally while engaged in duties on Southern {of Mississippi} Rail Road & I was not able to do any active duty from that time until the latter part of July. I was then ordered to repair the Montgomery & West Point R. R. which in connection with Maj Hottle was finished in a very short time after we arrived on the work. We were only responsible for the work from the 4th of August. This road was totally destroyed for 24 miles. After finishing the work I returned to Meridian ??? most central location for my duties.
   (III) I have no employees or clerks of any kind.
   (IV) I have no contracts for supplies in effect.
   (V) I purchase no supplies.
   (VI) I never have had nor do I have ?????? for Duty, both Day & night.
   (VII) I have no Govt horses & have no arrangements ????? foraged by the Govt.
   (VIII) I am bonded.
I remain Major
Yours very resply
George Whitfield
Maj & QrMr