NA, QM 7/20/1864

Meridian Miss
July 20th 1864
Lieut. Col. Sims
Chief Rail R Bureau
Richmond Va.
   The Mobile & Ohio RR has been again damaged & destroyed by a body of enemy north of Varona & in the vicinity of Tupelo. Gen. Lee is very desirous that I should take charge of the work & get the road to running as soon as possible. I will go up in the morning and use every effort to have the trains go through in a short time. I hope this will not interfere materially with our transportation Matters. Will write you again as soon as this work is completed.
   The letter of Maj. Hillyer of ????? {page torn} the Qr. Master Gen by him ????? {page torn} was not needed until the 15th of this month & I have commanded an investigation of the matter & will have every thing arranged in regard to it to your satisfaction as well as the Rail Roads.
  Hoping that my action in the matter of taking charge of the Repairs of the M&O RR. temporarily will meet with your approval.
I am
Your obdt Sevt
Geo Whitfield
Q. M.