Confederate Transportation Agents

   Every railroad station had an agent of that railroad assigned. His jobs were to receive freight from the countryside, load freight onto his railroad's cars, receive freight from arriving cars, distribute arriving freight to recipients, operate the station's storeroom/storehouse, sell tickets to passengers and supervise the slaves assigned to assist him with the station's business.
   When a station became particularly important to the movement of government freight, the railroad's agent had to make decisions about which government freight to load and forward. This was particularly important when two railroads met at the station or significant wagon or water traffic had to interface with the railroad traffic.
   Since the government had requirements for freight to be forwarded in particular, and changing, orders, an officer of the government was necessary to ensure that government needs were met by the railroads. At small or low volume stations, this officer would usually be the Army Post Quartermaster. When business became particularly heavy, either a Quartermaster was assigned to the transportation duties or a Transportation Agent was hired.
   Below are civilian men who were hired by the Quartermaster General or the Chief of Railroad Transportation. Many dates are uncertain, especially the end of service dates.
Name Location Dates
Caleb M. Bouknight Columbia, S. C. Dec. 1861 - Jan. 1863
George M. Cotchett Columbia, S. C. March, 1864 - February, 1865?
George A. Cuyler Savannah, Ga. December, 1863 - January, 1865
Edward R. Dorsey West Point, Ga. October, 1862 - December, 1862?
Eugene V. Early Meridian, Miss. November, 1863 - end of war
C. S. England Huntsville, Ala. February, 1862 - July, 1862
Alexander P. Grice Florence, S. C. October, 1863 - end of war
Nathaniel B. Hill Virginia Central RR in Richmond December, 1861 - early 1862
Thomas W. Howard Lynchburg, Va. July, 1861 - December, 1864?
Benjamin L. Jacobs Traveling Agent in Virginia December, 1862 - captured July, 1863
D. H. Kenney Charlotte, N. C. April, 1862 - May, 1862/January, 1863
L. R. Lucas Bristol, Tenn. November, 1861 - March, 1862
David McLean Salisbury, N. C. April, 1862 - June, 1862
John W. Moore Company Shops, N. C. July, 1863 - October, 1863
John W. Pugh Weldon, N. C. December, 1863 - end of war
Thomas G. Pugh Gaston, N. C. January, 1864 - end of war
J. W. Rogers Grand Junction, Tenn./Coffeeville, Miss. November, 1861 - November, 1862
William H. Shaw Kingville, S. C. February, 1862? - April, 1864 (end of war?)
W. D. Tappe Chattanooga, Tenn. May, 1862? - June, 1863
Stephen D. Wallace Wilmington, N. C. February, 1862? - January, 1863
James Wheless Kingsville, S. C. May, 1864 - end of war
T. J. Wooldridge Albany, Ga. November, 1862 - end of war