Biography of John W. Pugh

Below is my biography of John W. Pugh. Since he was not an officer in the Army, there is no biography of him in the National Archives.

   John W. Pugh is found in Gaston County, North Carolina in the 1860 Census as a farmer and merchant. He was born in 1818 in Virginia and had $900 of real estate and $10,000 in personal property (which would include slaves). Wife Mary was born in North Carolina in 1821. In 1860, they had eight children, three listed as clerks.
sold corn, ferried wagons over river, fed parties, sold equipment
March 31, 1864 Paid for 4 months as Agent
NA, RRB 3-31I-64
Rent of office and purchase supplies
NA, RRB 3-31J-64
September 29, 1864 Asks for his son, Thomas G., to be returned from the Army to him to serve as a clerk
NA, QMR 9-29-64
December 31, 1864 Claimed pay for 4 laborers and rent of office
NA, RRB 12-31G-64
NA, RRB 12-31H-64
Paid for 3 months as Agent
NA, RRB 12-31I-64
January 11, 1865 Asks for the local Quartermaster to settle his accounts
NA, QMR 1-11B-65