Biography of T. J. Wooldridge

There is no biography of Thomas J. Wooldridge in the National Archives. Below is my biography.

   In the 1860 Census, Thomas J. was 19 years old and living with his parents in Richmond. His father, D. S., was a 69 year old merchant and an officer of the Clover Hill Railroad Company (and probably of the Clover Hill Mines, too). Father had $9,000 Real Estate and $30,000 Personal Estate (including slaves). The Wooldridge name was common in Virginia, with one man (a Thomas J.) being a doctor in Hanover County and another rising to Lieut. Col. in a cavalry regiment.
   Nothing has been found about Thomas J., except what is in the documents below.
September 30, 1861 Recommendation to make him an Assistant Quarter Master
NA, QMR 9-30A-61
December 12, 1861 Agent on coal train from Clover Hill to Portsmouth
NA, CSN 12-18-61
NA, RRB 1-31G-62
NA, RRB 2-28I-62
NA, RRB 3-31AN-62
October 1862 Agent for purchases and shipments at CS Locomotive Shops, Raleigh
NA, RRB 8-11A-64
November 13, 1862 QM General reports he has been assigned Transportation Agent at Albany, Ga.
NA, QMR 11-13A-62
January 1, 1863 Transportation Agent at Albany and Thomasville, Ga.
NA, QMR 1-29B-63
NA, RRB 1-31D-63
NA, QMR 2-1-63
NA, RRB 2-28D-63
NA, RRB 3-31C-63
NA, RRB 7-31E-63
NA, RRB 9-30D-63
NA, RRB 10-31F-63
NA, RRB 11-30E-63
NA, RRB 12-31G-63
NA, RRB 1-31C-64
NA, RRB 2-29C-64
NA, QMR 3-14-63
NA, QMR 10-14D-63
NA, RRB 3-31G-64
NA, RRB 4-30C-64
NA, RRB 5-31C-64
NA, RRB 6-30I-64
NA, RRB 7-31H-64
NA, RRB 8-31F-64
March 20, 1863 His pay increased as Agent at Albany, Ga.
NA, RRB 3-20-63
May 7, 1863 Reports fire at Albany and corn saved
NA, QMR 5-7B-63
September 11, 1863 Mentioned as having been on site since before a QM was at the post
NA, RRB 9-11A-63
January 25, 1864 Requests copies of recent regulations and orders regarding transportation
NA, QMR 1-25-64
February 1, 1864 Reports transportation for Albany, Ga.
NA, QMR 2-1E-64
NA, QMR 2-5D-64
March 1, 1864 Reported transportation given troops
NA, QMR 3-1A-64
March 10, 1864 Requests formal assignment as Transportation Agent
NA, QMR 3-10-64
NA, QMR 4-6D-64
April 22, 1864 Asks for various support items
NA, QMR 4-22E-64
April 28, 1864 Forwards bond for $20,000
NA, QMR 4-28A-64
July 5, 1864 Drew QM Stores
NA, RRB 7-5B-64
November 18, 1864 Asks to hire a clerk
NA, QMR 11-18B-64
November 22, 1864 Asks about receiving location, drayage and a clerk
NA, QMR 11-22E-64
December 13, 1864 Asks if the QMG will uphold his actions of the past month
NA, QMR 12-13-64
January 19, 1865 Forwards bond for approval
NA, QMR 1-19C-65
February 5, 1865 Requests stationery
NA, QMR 2-5-65
May 19, 1865 Paroled at Thomasville, Ga. as a Quarter Master Captain
National Archives Service Record
There is no other indication that he was in the Army at any rank