Biography of W. D. Tappe

 W. D. Tappe was not in the Confederate army during the first half of the war; there is no biography in the National Archives for him. Below is my biography. Entries in blue are references and my additions

   W. D. Tappe was listed as being from Tennessee, but I have not found him in the 1860 Census. He served as a Transportation Agent until commissioned into the Quartermaster Department and assigned to Tax-in-Kind collection duties.
May 2, 1862 Approved a request for trains to be maintained ready at Chattanooga for the use of the Government. Signed as Transportation Agent C. S. A.
June 9, 1862 Approved a request for a train to carry 700 men and a gun "over the Knoxville road"
June 22, 1862 Approved a train for troops from Chattanooga to Knoxville
January 12, 1863 Receives Subsistence Stores for transportation from Chattanooga
April 9, 1863 Paid as a Transportation Agent at Chattanooga and claims the authority to pay him can be seen on former returns and that he was to be paid by order of the Quartermaster General
May 9, 1863 Paid as Transportation Agent at Chattanooga
June 16, 1863 Paid as Transportation Agent at Chattanooga
June 18, 1863 Appointed Captain in the Quartermaster Department with a date of rank of June 16, 1863
July 28, 1863 Assigned to collect Tax in Kind in the 3rd Congressional District of Tennessee
August 13, 1863 Claim presented to the Government for payment for train service, approved by him, from May 2 to July 2, 1862 (most are above)
June 30, 1864 Assigned to collect Tax in Kind in the 12th Congressional District of Virginia
March 1, 1865 Made his February, 1865 reports