Biography of James Wheless

 Since James Wheless was not in the Confederate military, there is no biography of him in the National Archives service records. Below is my biography of the man

   There is nothing known about James Wheless, except what can be pulled from his work documents. In April of 1864, he was recommended to be the Transportation Agent at Florence, S. C., to replace a Quartermaster Captain who was departing. He had been a clerk in the Transportation Office and had been observed by Sims at some point. He was approved and assigned as a Bonded Agent of the Quartermaster Department, assigned to Florence.
   In the summer of 1864, he reported to Sims that he had accepted the position of Agent of the Wilmington & Weldon RR at Florence in order to improve his movement of goods and to be able to better control the attempts of speculators to get their goods on cars in preference to Government goods.
   I have not yet found Wheless in any census.
September 10, 1863 Paid for hauling 40,000 bushels of corn from Florida
NA, RRB 9-10A-63
NA, RRB 10-15A-63
January 1 - March 31, 1864 Paid as Clerk in QM Department at Bristol, Tenn.
February 16, 1864 QMG receives his request for a detail (sent by way of Secretary of War)
NA, QMR 2-16A-64
April 22, 1864 Recommended for position of Transportation Agent at Florence, S. C.
May 21, 1864 Asks for commission; receives appointment as Bonded Agent
NA, QMR 5-21-64
June 16, 1864 Writes Sims for a position
NA, RRB 6-16B-64
Ordered to and assumed his duties at Kingsville
NA, RRB 10-22-64
NA, RRB 2-13C-65
July 18, 1864 Thanks Sims for his job
NA, RRB 7-18A-64
July 25, 1864 Reports business at Florence for the past week to Sims
August 10, 1864 Was addressed, about freight backing up, at Kingsville, S. C.
October 4, 1864 Forwards a query to Capt. Sharp in Columbia
October 22, 1864 Reports his duties to the QMG
NA, QMR 10-22A-64
NA, RRB 10-22-64
November 24, 1864 Ask question about account charging
NA, QMR 11-24C-64
February 1, 1865 Requests transfer, then withdraws it
NA, QMR 2-1A-65
NA, RRB 2-13C-65