Biography of Edward R. Dorsey

Since Edward R. Dorsey has no biography in the National Archives, below is my biography of the man. 

   Almost nothing is known of this man. Though there are hundreds of Dorsey's in Maryland and Virginia in the 1860 Census, there is no white man with a first name starting with "E" and being a reasonable age. However, Confederate personnel records show a Captain E. R. Dorsey commanding a company of Maryland troops in June of 1861. Confederate Military History, Vol. 2 shows a Major E. R. Dorsey with a date of rank of July 21, 1861 and the same man making Lieutenant Colonel on March 18, 1862 in the Maryland Line. Col. Dorsey is buried in Augusta, Ga. and has a birth date of 1833 in Virginia. It is possible, but seems unlikely, that this man is the one detailed below. 
   An E. R. Dorsey was the General Freight and Ticket Agent of the Charlotte, Columbia & Augusta RR in 1870.
   An 1892 edition of Railway Age reports that Edward R. Dorsey, who had been the General Freight and Passenger Agent of the Georgia RR for 11 years had resigned. My guess is that the "Colonel" on the tombstone was an honorary title (Georgia RR General Freight & Passenger Agent was a very high position) and the man in the article and buried in Augusta is the man below and is not the Colonel from Maryland.
October 17, 1862 Appointed Transportation Agent for Quartermaster Department at West Point, Ga.
December 1, 1862 Paid for travel from Richmond to West Point, Ga.
Paid for 47 days service at West Point