Biography of L. R. Lucas

 No biography exists for Lucas in the National Archives. Below is my biography. Entries in blue are references and my additions

   L. Reuben Lucas was 32 years old when the 1860 Census was taken. His occupation was listed as Mail Agent for the Virginia & Tennessee RR. He was living in Bedford County, Virginia, just west of Lynchburg. He was living in the home of Professor W. Leftwitch, a 54 year old Baptist minister. Also in the house was the Professor's 44 year old wife, three older children, and M. J. Lucas, a man age 69. M. J. may be the Father of the Professor's wife as well as the Father of L. R.
November 30, 1861 Appointed Transportation Agent at Bristol, Tenn. by Major Ashe
March 9, 1862 Job title changed from Transportation Agent to Agent of Quartermaster Department and his pay more than tripled
December 20, 1862 Commissioned Captain and AQM and assigned as Post Quartermaster at Bristol, Tenn. This information comes from a National Archives file card which also provides the only place where we learn that his middle name was Reuben.
February 16, 1863 Reported to the Quartermaster General that he had been arrested by the Department Commanding General, with Lucas not knowing the reason.
June 23, 1863 Wrote QMG on prospects of shipping freight by way of Bristol
NA, QMR 6-23-63
November 24, 1863 Quartermaster General recommended to the Secretary of War that he be dropped from the rolls since he was no longer needed. He was dropped on AIG SO 284.