Biography of J. W. Rogers

 Since J. W. Rogers was not in the Confederate military, there is no biography of him in the National Archives service records. Below is my biography of the man

   Rogers is only known from a few documents. There are so many J. W. Rogers in Tennessee that it is not possible to make a guess as to which one is recorded below. There is a chance that he was the Rogers who was a Steamboat Agent in Memphis in 1860.
   Rogers was probably well off, since he worked an entire year without payment. He was evidently educated since he talked to President Davis face-to-face and wrote him a letter and a poem.
November 28, 1861 Appointed transportation Agent at Grand Junction, Tenn. (and Coffeeville, Miss., when Grand Junction was evacuated)  by Major Ashe 
Late 1862 Talked to President Davis on a steamer
December 31, 1862 Wrote Secretary of War asking for pay for his services
NA, QMR 12-31-62
NA, QMR 2-4C-63
NA, RRB 2-23-63
NA, QMR 2-20C-63
January 1, 1863 Wrote President Davis to ask for a job to replace the one he lost when Maj. Ashe died
March 3, 1863 Paid, at Mobile, for one year's service