Biography of George A. Cuyler

Below is my biography of Captain Cuyler. There is no biography of him in the National Archives.

   George A. Cuyler was born in December, 1820 in Savannah, Georgia. His wife, Bessie B. Steenbergen was born in 1830, in Shenandoah County, Va.; they married at St. Paul's Church, Richmond, on October 28, 1852. In 1860, they had two small children at home, in Savannah. Cuyler was a banker {the Cashier at the Central RR and Bank Co.} and reported Real Estate worth $12,000 and Personal Property of $5,000. He died in June, 1867 in Munich, Germany.
   As a banker in Savannah at the same time that Frederick W. Sims was owner and editor of the city's newspaper, the two must certainly have know each other before the war. He must have also know railroad man William W. Wadley who was in Savannah at the same time.
   Richard R. Cuyler was President of the Central (of Georgia) Railroad before and during the war and made his headquarters in Savannah. He died in 1866 in Macon at the age of 69. Richard was the father of George.
October 31, 1862 Accepts commission as Aide de Camp to Governor Brown
November 22, 1863 Sims requests appointment and assignment of George A. Cuyler as RR Bureau agent in Charleston
November 25, 1863 Cuyler's date of rank as Captain of Quarter Masters
November x, 1863 Sims orders Capt. Cuyler to Richmond for instructions
December 8, 1863 Ordered to Savannah to take charge of Government transportation on 3 RRs
December 19,1863 Informs Maj. Sims he will go the Charleston tomorrow
December 21, 1863 Certified that he was ordered to take charge of railroad transportation in Savannah, reporting to Capt. Sims
January 2, 1864 Reports to Major Sims that he will be in Charleston on January 4 and 5
January 8, 1864 The problem on the North Eastern RR is the detention of trains in Wilmington
February 14, 1864 Ordered to solve issues with Columbus transportation
February 15, 1864 Col. Sims reports encouraging transportation news from Cuyler and Sims
NA, QMR 2-15D-64
February 18, 1864 Visited Charleston, trying to get Charleston & Savannah RR to South Carolina RR track completed
January 5, 1865 Ordered to supervise construction of 200 box cars in Columbus
June 12, 1867 Died in Germany