Biography of William H. Shaw

 Since William H. Shaw was not in the Confederate army, there is no biography in the National Archives for him. Below is my biography. Entries in blue are references and my additions

   Shaw was listed in the 1860 Census as a Railroad Agent, living in Gadsden, S. C., a station on the South Carolina RR about 20 miles south of Columbia. He was 25 years old, married to 27 year old Julia (oldest daughter of Stephen D. Wallace, future President of the Wilmington & Weldon RR) and with two small children. The entire family had been born in North Carolina. Living with the Shaw family were two telegraph operators, two bar-keepers and a watchman. Next door to Shaw was another railroad agent. Since neither agent was listed with any real or personal estate, I assume that the two houses were probably owned by the railroad and furnished to the men. Shaw died in 1904.
February 1, 1862 This date or earlier, appointed Transportation Agent at Kingville, S. C. by Maj. Ashe
April 30, 1862 Paid as Transportation Agent
June 9, 1862 Paid as Transportation Agent
September 30, 1862 Paid as Transportation Agent
January 22, 1863 Paid
February 10, 1863 Pay authorized by QMG
NA, QMR 2-10-63
NA, RRB 2-23A-63
NA, QMR 2-24C-63
May 23, 1863 Appointed Transportation Agent by the Quarter Master General
May 28, 1863 Major Rhett informed of Shaw's appointment and ordered to pay and support him
September 1, 1863 Paid
September 18, 1863 Appears to be listed as Transportation Agent on Major Grice's report of employees. The name on the report is "H. M. Shaw," but the only such name in the Confederacy in 1860 belonged to a North Carolina man who became a Colonel of Infantry and a Private from Alabama. I believe the report was incorrectly prepared and it is W. H. Shaw who should have been listed and is in fact a Transportation Agent in South Carolina.
December 1, 1863 Paid
February 6, 1864 Receives shipping instructions
March 1, 1864 Paid
April 21, 1864 Reports to QMG on supplies awaiting shipment
NA, QMR 3-21F-64
April 1, 1864 Paid