Biography of Alexander P. Grice

 Since Agent Grice was not in the Army, no biography exists for him in the National Archives. Below is my biography. Entries in blue are references and my additions

   Alexander Pinkham Grice was 25 years old and living in a boarding house in Portsmouth, Va., with his parents when the 1860 Census was taken (born May 19, 1835). His occupation was listed as Bookkeeper. George W. Grice, 36 years old at the Census, and Mayor of Portsmouth, was Alex's cousin. Alex worked under George through most of the war. He was married to Susan Thorougood Brooks.
   Alexander was the Treasurer for a "car works" in 1870. He died in 1891 in Portsmouth, where he was noted as a merchant. An Alexander P. Grice III lived in Norfolk for most of his long life and died there in 2010. Son Alexander P. Grice IV is still in the Norfolk area.
July 11, 1862 Sold produce in Petersburg
March 19, 1863 Special Messenger between Charlotte and Richmond
October 29, 1863 Appointed an agent for the Quartermaster Department and ordered to report to Major Charles S. Carrington for assignment.
October 31, 1863 Ordered to report to Major George W. Grice for duty as Transportation Agent at Florence, S. C.
November 1, 1863 Paid for service for October
February 6, 1864 Receives shipping instructions
February 8, 1864 Asks if transit cotton should be repaired before forwarding
NA, QMR 2-8-64
March 8, 1864 Issue with private/government freight
April 23, 1864 Cannot get transportation
June 10, 1864 Is asked for cars on the Wilmington & Manchester RR to move corn
June 30, 1864 Paid for 8 months' service as Transportation Agent at Florence
July 12, 1864 Certifies receipt of forms
July 31, 1864 Paid as Agent in charge of Transportation Department at Florence
August 3, 1864 Freight problems in Florence, S. C. and nearby
December 30, 1864 Paid for 5 months' service as Transportation Agent at Florence and received Commutation of Quarters and Fuel
February 7, 1865 Freight issues in Florence