Biography of John W. Moore

Below is my biography of John W. Moore. Since he was not in the Army, there is no biography of him in the National Archives.

   I have yet to find any information that identifies this John W. Moore from the many others in Virginia in 1860. From the information below, it appears he was probably born in Virginia. He lived in the Norfolk area from his youth and had some business experience there before the war. When the war began, he was elected Lieutenant of a Volunteer company the was disbanded (probably because of lack of numbers). He was in Norfolk in early 1862 and volunteered to assist the local Quartermaster, Maj. George Grice, whom he knew. The two remained together and eventually, in September, 1863, Maj. Grice requested that he be assigned to him officially as a bonded Transportation Agent and his assistant. Moore was appointed a Quartermaster Department Agent and assigned as requested.
   Clearly, there are missing vouchers from the Spring of 1862 to the Summer of 1863.
August 31, 1863 Paid as Transportation Agent at Company Shops, N. C.
September 28, 1863 Major Grice requests he be appointed a bonded Transportation agent and assigned to him.
October 5, 1863 Appointed QM Department Agent
December 31, 1863 Sold painting supplies
June 30, 1864 Paid as QM Agent