Biography of D. H. Kenney

 Since D. H. Kenney was not in the Confederate army, there is no biography in the National Archives for him. Below is my biography. Entries in blue are references and my additions

   I have found no information on D. H. Kenney except what is below. I believe the man had railroad experience at a middle level. He was probably old enough to have not been conscripted in 1862. Since he was used in the Florida to Mississippi area, I assume he lived in that area and his railroad experience was also in that area.
April 4, 1862 Was Transportation Agent at Charlotte
May 26, 1862 Question raised whether he should remain at Charlotte; was appointed by Ashe
NA, QMR 5-26B-62
January 12 through May 2, 1863 Special messenger getting RR iron from Florence, Ala.
July 16, 1863 C. F. M. Garnett forwards a letter from him regarding certain railroads to the Engineer Bureau (Engineer Bureau Letters Received)
July 18, 1863 Was assigned of purchasing or impressing iron and rolling stock on 4 RRs in Florida, Alabama and Mississippi as an Agent of the Engineer Bureau
Was named as the Agent for C. F. M. Garnett, Commissioner for the Removal of Iron
August 8, 1863 Paid for expenses while removing the Alabama & Florida (of Florida) RR iron
September 8, 1863 Ordered to rebuild Pearl River Bridge at once if he can secure RR materials
NA, DSCGF 9-8-63
September 12, 1863 Sued by the Alabama & Florida (of Florida) RR
September 13, 1863 Reports injunction issued regarding Alabama & Florida (of Florida) RR iron and rolling stock
NA, DSCGF 9-13-63
October 8, 1863 Asks for help with Pemberton getting rolling stock from west of Pearl
October 17, 1863 Recommends Meriwether for Engineer commission
NA, DSCGF 10-22A-63
November 11, 1863 Was repairing the RR between Demopolis and McDowell and around Jackson, under C. F. M. Garnett. Col. Minor Meriwether was enroute to relieve him.
December 1, 1863 Pays for telegraph bill
February 4, 1864 Was paid for repairing the New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern RR
February 5, 1864 Reported items lost during retreat
February 8, 1864 Provides axes to New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern RR
March 1, 1864 Began service as General Agent of Iron Commission
March 4, 1864 Railroad paid for 2 locomotives he had impressed
March 17, 1864 Sims provides a receipt for iron Kenney had removed
April 27, 1864 Reports on the rails of the Mobile & Spring Hill RR
July 31, 1864 Paid by Meriwether for 5 months as General Agent of Iron Commission
February 20, 1865 Was involved in the impressment of the iron of the Macon & Brunswick RR