Biography of Robert B. Hurt

Below is my biography of Major Hurt. There is no biography of him in the National Archives.

   Robert Bailey Hurt was appointed Major July 11, 1862, with rank from March 16, 1862, reporting to General Bragg. He was dropped from the Army's rolls on March 3, 1865, with the notation, in Special Order 52/11, that his location and duties were unknown. The last document I have found for him is from May of 1862. In his request for pardon to President Johnson, he says he ended his Confederate service in the summer of 1862.
   Hurt was born in Halifax County, Virginia in 1821 and moved with his family to Carroll County, Tennessee in 1829. In 1835, he moved to Nashville, then returned to Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee, where he married in 1843 and continued to live the rest of his life. Jackson became the junction of the Mississippi Central RR and the Mobile & Ohio RR just before the War started. He was a railroad promoter and may have been a contractor to work a section on one or the other railroads. In 1860, he had $52,000 real estate and $67,000 personal estate (including slaves). He was a State Legislator from 1859-1861 and again after the war. He died in Jackson, Tenn. in 1881.
March 14, 1862 Was selected by 6 western railroad presidents to fill the position that General Beauregard had recommended.
NA, RR 3-14-62
March 18, 1862 Requested detailed information about their roads and rolling stock from the presidents of all the railroads in his area of responsibility.
NA, SM 3-18-62
NA, SM 3-18A-62
NA, MC 3-28-62
NA, M&C 3-29-62
NA, SM 3-29B-62
NA, Mem&O 3-31-62
March 18 through May 14, 1862 Was busy with transportation issues in and around Corinth. Signed as Military Superintendent of Railroads
NA, SM 3-18B-62
NA, SM 3-18C-62
NA, SM 3-19-62
NA, SM 3-19A-62
NA, SM 3-19B-62
NA, SM 3-19C-62
NA, SM 3-19D-62
NA, SM 3-20F-62
NA, SM 3-20G-62
NA, SM 3-22A-62
NA, M&O 3-24-62
NA, SM 3-24-62
NA, SM 3-29-62
NA, SM 3-29A-62
NA, SM 3-31-62
NA, M&C 4-10-62
NA, RR 4-12-62
NA, RR 4-14-62
NA, RR 4-15-62
NA, M&C 4-18-62
NA, RR 4-18-62
NA, RR 4-19-62
NA, RR 4-20-62
NA, SM 4-25-62
NA, M&O 4-27-62
NA, RR 4-27-62
NA, RR 4-28A-62
NA, RR 4-28B-62
NA, RR 4-28C-62
NA, RR 5-1-62
NA, RR 5-6-62
NA, RR 5-6A-62
NA, RR 5-8-62
NA, RR 5-13-62
NA, RR 5-14-62
April 20, 1862 Established a tri-weekly train from New Orleans to Richmond
NA, RR 4-20-62
Tried to increase the rolling stock on the Southern (of Mississippi) RR in order to move more food eastward.
NA, RR 4-20-62
Given report on Mobile & Ohio RR employees
April 25, 1862 Is requested to provide a guard on each train
April 28, 1862 Request placed for his commissioning. (In one letter, he is referred to as Major, but he never signs with his rank.)
NA, RR 4-28-62
July 24, 1865 Requests pardon