NA, RR 4/19/1862

Corinth Miss April 19th 1862
General G. T. Beauregard
Corinth Miss
   In answer to your request made on back of W. T. Ross' letter of the 12 Inst. (should have been dated 18) I have the honor to make the following report.
   Yesterday morning I received a despatch from Col. Sam Tate, Prest M{emphis} & Charleston Rail Road, asking that I give my personal attention to forwarding cars loaded with Government stores south from this place, to which I replied that I would do so; & also that I had instructed the Military Governor of Columbus Miss to employ extra force to unload cars on their arrival.
   I also addressed the following note yesterday to Maj Fleming Supt. Mobile & Ohio RR.
   "It is of the utmost importance that the Army stores destined for Columbus Miss, be forwarded at once." It will be seen from this correspondence that the assertion of Supt Ross that, "I promise but do not execute," is without foundation.
   Old feuds exist between the officers of the two Roads connecting at this place, and I fear that many of the recent annoyances and delays, may find their origins in this fact. If I find that my fears are well founded I will Report the fact for your consideration. I send herewith L. J. Fleming's note in reply to mine of yesterday morning.
Very truly yours obt svt
Robt B. Hurt
Military Supt Railroads
{on the back of the letter}
   The within is referred to Major Brent for immediate investigation so as to put a stop at once to any feud alluded to, by the dismissal of either one or both of the delinquents if necessary.
G. T. Beauregard
Gen. Comdg