NA, M&C 3/29/1862

Memphis & Charleston Rail Road Office
29th March 1862
Robt. B. Hurt Esq.
Military Supdt. of Roads
Dear Sir,
   Your letter of 24th inst to Col. Tate has just been placed in my hands and as your enquiries principally relate to matters in my department on this Road and he being absent I proceed to answer them -- most of the information you require you will find in the last annual Report & a copy of which please find herewith enclosed.
The length of main line operated by this company, extending from Memphis to Stevenson is 271 miles.
The company's cars, and in emergencies Engines run through on the Nash. & Chatt. Rl. Rd to Chattanooga: 38 miles further.
The Somerville Branch, between Moscow & Somerville is 13 miles long
The Florence Branch between Tuscumbia & Florence is 6 miles long
The company own car & engines as follows
49 Locomotives in running order except, four, two at Memphis & two at Huntsville now undergoing repairs for their capacity please refer to Table No. 9 in the printed report.
32 First Class Passenger Cars generally in good order
20 Baggage " " "
324 Box Freight Cars a large number of freight cars are now extra upon other roads, the exact number not known, generally in good order
289 Platform Freight Cars
25 Stock Freight Cars
76 Road hand cars, in good order 36 gravel cars, 26 of which are unfit for use
I send a table showing the location length and number of side tracks.
   The tabular statement on page 36 of the printed report shows the points where our line crosses the principal water courses.
   The roads of the country generally lead to the different towns and depots along the line, I know of no important road crossing the Rail road except at or near the towns.
Turntables are located as follows
at Memphis
" Moscow 39  miles from Memphis
" Grand Junction 52 " " "
" Corinth on M. & O. R. R. 93 " " "
" Burnsville 108 " " "
" Tescumbia 145 " " "
" Decatur 189 " " "
" Huntsville 213 " " "
" Stevenson 271 " " "
" Chattanooga 309 " " "
" Florence & Somerville on Branch Roads
The Memphis & Ohio & Mississippi & Tenn. Railroad connect at Memphis
The Mississippi Central Railroad crosses & connects at Grand Junction
The Mobile & Ohio " " " " Corinth
The Nashville & Decatur " connects 2 miles east of Decatur
The Nashville & Chattanooga " connects at Stevenson
I also enclose our present time tables
If any material change takes place in the condition of our Rolling Stock, or in our time schedules, I will keep you advised.
I am yours very Respectfully
M. B. Pritchard Ch. Engr.
M. & C. R. R.