NA, M&C 4/18/1862

Mem. & Char. R. R. Office
Apl. 18th 1862
Genl. Beauregard or Genl Bragg
   I herewith submit the despatches & correspondence, to show my instructions & action in relation to the removal of the machinery on the Eastern Division of this Road, let it be remembered that Mr. Hurt was the Military Supt. of this & all other connecting Roads, & had entire control of the rolling stock on it & also that I have never received any direct order to remove any machinery except through our own supt. -- Mr. Hunt & he were together consulting & throughout the process of removal was going on, until the 9th Inst. When I received a despatch from the mft. saying he had, "Military order to resume running of Trains to Stevenson." 
   After that I supposed Mr. Hurt being on Genl. Beauregard's Staff had heard that there was no danger of an early approach of the enemy & had given this order; nor did I hear anything to undeceive me, until I heard that Huntsville had been taken possession of by the enemy and all the machinery we had there was captured. I went to Huntsville on the second Inst. & issued to Mr. Hoffer, the asst. supt, an order marked A. I also empowered Geo. P. Beirne, Chairman of the Executive Committee to bring 3 more Regiments west; that it arrived at Huntsville in the night of the 10th & attempted to proceed on Schedule time at 5 a.m. on the 11th, was interrupted by the enemy, one train escaping under their fire & run to Stevenson, the enemy taking the other two Train & pursuing & taking everything on the Road up to Stevenson.
   If there was any known danger why were we ordered to run trains on the 9th & why were more troops ordered through, to come on the 10th & 11th inst. & if anything was known of their movement, why was not our officers of the Road notified of it.
   Neither you or Giulteneur can regret our loss of the machinery as much as I do.
Yours truly
Sam Tate