NA, SM 3/29B/1862

Statement of the length & other particulars in relation to the Southern {(of Mississippi)} Rail Road, prepared in obedience to the order of Genl Beauregard by M. Emanuel, Vice President of the Company.
{Although there is no date on this document, it is the one submitted by the President of the company on March 29, 1862.}
   In compliance with the request made by R. B. Hurt Esq Mil. Supt Roads by Command of Genl Beauregard to communicate to him without delay, the length of the Southern Railroad the number of Locomotives & their capacity, the number of Passenger, Baggage, Box & Flat cars. The number & length of sidings & their location. The Points at which the road crosses the principle water courses & country roads, also the points of connections with other Railroads. The points at which the turn tables are located, &c I make the following report.
   The length of the Southern Railroad is 140 miles, commencing at Vicksburg and terminating at Meridian its point of intersection with the Mobile & Ohio Railroad, and junction with the NE & SW Alabama RR which commences at Meridian & the track laid ten or twelve miles towards Reagan, a point 25 miles from Meridian.
   The Company has in operation 4 Passenger locomotives of 18 or 20 tons, 9 Freight Engines of 22 tons, & 3 inferior Engines for road work.
   There are 7 Passenger, & four Baggage Cars in regular use, 50 Box & 26 Flats do, & we have others of each description not considered reliable for full service.
   There are 17 sidings varying from 500 to 2000 feet in length, & are located as follows -- at Vicksburg, Bovina, Edwards, Midway, Bolton, Clinton , Jackson, Brandon, Pelahatchie, Morton, Forest, Lake, Newton, Hickory, Chunky, Tunnel Hill, Meridian.
   There are six turn tables located as follows, one at Vicksburg, Jackson, Brandon, Morton, Lake and Meridian. The stations & distances are shown on the printed time table enclosed.
   The Southern Railroad crosses & connects with the New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern RR, at Jackson Miss. & connects with the Mobile & Ohio RR at Meridian Miss, its terminal point, which place is also the starting point of the N. E. & S. W. Alabama RR designed to extend from Meridian to Chattanooga via Tuscaloosa; the road bed of which is now prepared for the iron to Reagan 25 miles East of Meridian, at which place a junction will be formed with the Ala & Miss Rivers R Road running west from Selma via Demopolis in the direction of Meridian, upon which road a very considerable force is now at work, with every prospect of its completion in a few months; the Govt having indicated an intention of putting it through as rapidly as possible. At Vicksburg the Southern RR connects with the Vicksburg, Shreveport & Texas RR finished 75 miles.
   The points at which the Southern RR crosses water courses of any note are as follows,
   Between Bovina & Edwards Station, the road crosses Big Black river 12 miles from Vicksburg, this bridge is the most substantial & costly of any other on the line of the road, to which is attached about 500 feet of high trestle work, running from the east end of the bridge, over Big Black bottom.
   Between Edwards & Bolton's the track crosses Bakers Creek twice, inconsiderable when not swollen by heavy rains.
   At Jackson the track crosses Pearl River on a trestle bridge of considerable length. Between Brandon & Pelahatchie the track crosses Pelahatchie Creek.
   Between Newton & Hickory it crosses Pottochitta Creek twice.
   Between Hickory & Chunky station it crosses Chunky river once.
   Between Chunky station & Tunnel Hill it crosses Chunky river twice.
   Between Tunnel Hill & Meridian it crosses Tallahatta creek, Corn creek & Octibbee creek.
   The Road crossings & Bridges over the rail road are as follows: Between Vicksburg & Bovines there are two public roads & four bridges over deep cuts. Between Bovina & Edwards two Road crossings & two bridges over cuts.
   Between Edwards & Bolton's 1 Road crossing
   Between Bolton's & Clinton 3 Road crossings
   Between Clinton & Jackson 4 Road crossings
   Between Jackson & Brandon 2   do       do
   Between Brandon & Pelahatchie 3 roads & 1 bridge
          "      Pelahatchie & Morton 3 road crossings
          "      Morton {&} Forest     3    "         "
          "      Forest & Lake             1    "         "
          "      Lake & Newton           2    "         "
          "      Newton & Hickory       1   "         "
   At Hickory the old road passes, which was cut out by Genl Jackson, when he marched his army to New Orleans.
   Between Hickory & Chunky station 2 road crossings
          "      Chunky station & Tunnel Hill 3 crossings
          "      Tunnel Hill & Meridian 2 road crossings