NA, RR 4/14/1862

Corinth, April 14th/62
J. P. Fresenious
Asst. Supt.  {Mobile & Ohio RR}
   Six (6) Regiments en route for Mobile to be transported to Corinth immediately. Use all the Machinery in Mobile for this purpose and order all down from Meridian & Enterprise. Let there be no delay in sending them forward. Telegraph me when You can send them, and how many cars & Engines you have in Mobile.
L. J. Fleming
Chf Eng & Genl Supt
{on the reverse of the document}
Col. Thos Jordan
A A Genl
   The within dispatch has been sent to Mobile, when answer is received will report to you as directed.
Your obt Svt.
R. B. Hurt
Military S. R. Road