Shelby Iron Company

The road was a wartime expedient to connect the Shelby Iron Company to the Alabama & Tennessee River RR at Columbiana, Al. The local Confederate Ordinance official prevented the construction for over two years by threatening to have senior Company employees conscripted if they constructed the road. Construction began in 1863 and was completed in January, 1865. The company may have made its own rails.

The railroad's only locomotive was purchased in 1864 from the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR. The road had no cars and had to unload and reload each car received within 24 hours. 

Black's Number Not on Black's maps (map)
Track 6 miles of 5 foot gauge of unknown type and weight, but probably strap rail of 40# weight
Locomotives 0; 1 named
Cars 0
Stations 1
Officers Three
Track Partial
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