UA, SIW 3/3/1865

Office Ala & Tenn RRR   {Alabama & Tennessee River RR}
Selma March 3/65
Mr. A. T. Jones
Dear Sir,
   We are paying an Engineer Eighteen dollars per day. We have no white Firemen. Good negro Fireman we are paying from $35 to $50 per month & find them.
   Will send you five cars to Coal Road {Montevallo Coal RR?} tomorrow & will have to ??? take them to your Works Sunday. If your track is not in good order you had best have your Engine at Columbiana Sunday 1 or 2 O'clock to take them over & have cars unloaded & returned that Evening. Please send me a bar of 1/2 inch round iron that is very soft. I want to use it for making magnets.
Yours truly
C. B. Andrews