UA, SIW 1/13/1865

Jan 13th 1865
   Tools required for the Road of Shelby IW Co
4 Tamping Bars
10 Short Handle Shovels
2 Punch Bars
1 Cross cut saw
4 Hand saw
1 Gage
1 foot Adizes
4 Axes
4 Spades
1 2 in Auger
1 oil can
2 Water Buckets
2 Skillets
2 Carriers & lids
1 Wash Pat
1 Wash tub
1 hand car
1 Cook Woman
1 Boy to take water &c
4 Mattocks
1/2 Yd Red for flag
   I think I can get along very well with the above tools &c if there is anything else I will let you know at the time.
Yours Respectfully
John Blaky
{All quantity numbers above the hand car, and including the 4 Mattocks, have a check mark through the number}