Shelby Iron Company Track

   The following material was produced by the Shelby Iron Works for its own railroad. Laying of the track was done in late 1864, with the first use of the track in January 1865.

Measure Item Probable Unit Weight Miles of Track  Supported
5,838 lbs Spikes 1# 1
5,002 lbs Chairs 6# 2
300,489 lbs Strap Bar Iron 40#/yd 2.1
800 lbs Casting for Frog 800# NA
1,631 lbs Bar Iron for Switch NA NA
192,000 ft Stringers NA 8
4,743 ea Wedges NA Unknown
   Clearly, the material indicated in the Shelby Iron Company books does not equate to a road of 6 miles. One source says that Shelby withheld iron from the Ordnance Bureau throughout part of 1863 and all of 1864 for use in building the road. If so, the iron withheld might not have been entered into the surviving records.