UA, SIW 12/1/1862

Selma, Ala. Decr 1st 1862
Capt George Miner
Ordnance Department
Richmond, Va.
   In the course of conversation had with you in September last, you remarked to Mr. Ware and myself, that if our company required more money to expedite the business, we could obtain an advance. At that time we did not think we should need it, but since our return, we find we shall be compelled to make a rail road from our works to the Ala. & Tenn. R. R. Rd. {Alabama & Tennessee River RR} (a distance of about 5 miles) to enable us to transport the large quantity of iron we shall shortly be making and the coal and other supplies consumed by the works. We also find it necessary to lay in our provisions and provender, for the coming year, which can now be obtained, but if delayed much longer, we may fail entirely to secure them.
   All this is absolutely necessary for a prompt and rapid extension of the business and full delivery of iron, and for the accomplishment of which we are necessitated to ask an advance of Fifty thousand ($50,000) dollars. It will be returned through the deliveries of iron in a very short time. I wrote Col. Gorgas about two weeks since in reference to the advance, requesting a reply by telegraph but have as yet heard nothing from him.
   Will you please see him, and telegraph me to this place what we can spend upon. This sum is necessary to enable us to complete our arrangements, and will be taken in trust of both parties. The bonds for the advance will be made perfectly satisfactory.
Very respectfully
Your obt servt
A. T. Jones, Prest
Shelby Co. Iron Mnfg Co.