UA, SIW 12/21/1864

Selma Dec 21st 64

A. T. Jones Esqr

Dr Sir,
   Yours of the 19/20 are at hand. I inserted your advisements in the ??? & will do all I can to aid you.
   Maj. Peters has been here & gone. Capt Isbell has all his orders & money, & will leave by next Blue Mountain train {on the Alabama & Tennessee River RR}.
   The Engineer will take up the Decatur & 2 cars, as soon as we can get them ready, the A&M RR {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR} are putting in new flues & making her as good as when they recd her. I will see to it, for which & many other things, you must remember me in your prayers.
   I have got your RR blanks in the press, & will send them by Express, or by the engine, if she is ready soon. The freight manifest Book I will get soon as possible. It requires more running than ever to do nothing these times.
Yours Truly
Geo. O. Bater