UA, SIW 12/25/1863

Engineers Office Shelby Iron Co. Rail Road
Dec. 25th 1863
Mr. A. T. Jones
Prest, Shelby Iron Co.
Dear Sir,
   I beg to submit the following report of Your Rail Road.
   Dr. E. T. Ligon contracted as you are aware to finish this road complete, that is the Grading, Superstructure and tracklaying, to be built according to the grades and ground as shown by the profile. I therefore could not alter the work without the consent of the contractor, at least could not increase it. Mr. Geo. Wadsworth made a most judicious location of the route. I feel certain a cheaper route could not be found. 
   But in my opinion he did not allow enough trestle work. I have increased this item one hundred feet and would suggest if the Contractor should object to this increase that you should allow him the difference between trestle work and solid Embankment. This will be but a small item, yet I would call your attention to it. My experience has taught me that too much waterway is never allowed and should future developments show too much has been allowed then the trestle work can be very easily filled in. Therefore I increased the trestle work There was to do, to complete the road (ready to receive the rolling stock) when put under contract, as follows
6 miles track laying
11,000 cross ties
350 lineal feet Trestling
18 culverts
66,000 lineal ft of stringers. (This last item to be furnished by the Company)
7,011 Cubic Yards Earth Excavation
200 " " loose Rock  "
36,748 " " Embankment
34 Acres of Clearing & Grubbing
Of the above amount there has been done to date of Grading
4,209 Cubic Yards of Earth Excavation
200 " " loose Rock  "
24,704 " " Embankment

Acres Clearing & Grubbing

And of Superstructure
7,000 cross ties distributed
1,000 cross ties hewn in the woods and yet to put on the road
1 culvert
Requiring yet to be done to complete the road as follows of Superstructure
6 miles track laying
2,000 cross ties to hew and put on the road
1,000 cross ties to be hauled & distributed
350 lineal feet trestling
17 culverts
66,000 lineal ft Stringers (to be furnished by Company)
And of Grading
2,802 Cubic Yards Earth Excavation
7,044 " " Embankment

Acre clearing & grubbing

   I would suggest the completion of this road at the earliest practicable moment.
   One hundred and fifty laborers, three teams and teamsters, and five mechanics, could complete this road ready for the passage of cars in Forty days.
Most Respectfully Your
Humble Servant
Wm M. Wallace
Engineer in Charge