Biography of J. M. Hottel

 There is no biography of Major Hottel in the National Archives service records. Below is my biography of the man

   Jarred M. Hottel (frequently "Hottle") was born in about 1828. All Confederate records show him as being 32 years old in 1861 and from Texas. The 1860 census shows a J. Hottle, 35 years old with wife and one child living in Lynchburg, Tex., 20 miles east of Houston, on the line of the Texas & New Orleans RR. His occupation is Engineer and all his family was born in Virginia. The name is added at the bottom of the last page for the Lynchburg Post Office and is short of any but the most basic information (as though it was added later, without talking to the family involved). Since all these "facts" are in general agreement with the known information, I believe this to be the future Major.

   Hottel joined Terry's Texas Rangers as a Sergeant, in Houston (having traveled 35 miles to get there) in September1861. His unit became Company K of the 8th Texas Cavalry Regiment. The regiment was assigned to Bowling Green, Ky., arriving in early October.
   In late October, 1861, he was detailed to the Quartermaster's department as Forage Master. In January of 1862, he was detailed on Rail Road duty at Bowling Green. By October of 1862, he was employed in the Commissary Department. He became the Brigade Assistant Commissary and was promoted to Captain on May 28, 1863 and was promoted to Brigade Quartermaster September 18, 1863. His date of commission as Major was October 28, 1863, with a date of rank of September 18, 1863.
   According to Commissary General Northrop, while at Bowling Green, Hottel ran locomotives and repaired them. Northrop also claims he superintended the railroads, controlling transportation for Gen. Johnston's army and was generally successful. Northrop says Hottel was reporting to both Northrop and Col. Wadley (for railroad matters).
   Hottel liked to maintain face-to-face relations with the people he was doing business with. From July, 1863 through April, 1864, we have his travel claims for five months, which is 21 weeks. During that time, he made 21 round trips from his base (Mobile or Atlanta) and important locations. The trips took him to Mobile, Montgomery, Morton, Meridian, Atlanta, Augusta, Macon, and Dalton (and he must certainly have spent time in important places along the way, such as West Point while going from Atlanta to Montgomery).
   Hottel died of disease on September 10, 1865 in Rose Hill, Tex., 65 miles north of Houston.
October 31, 1862 Pay record, showing assignment to RR duties at Bowling Green in January, 1862
January 28, 1863 Completes 86 days as special messenger for sugar shipment
February 10, 1863 Wadley asks Secretary of War for Hottel to expedite government traffic from Columbia to Richmond
February 13, 1863 Wadley was told to use him as Wadley saw fit
March 28, 1863 Reports on transportation of Commissary goods and recommends an improvement
April 1, 1863 Pays for special agent for Government sugar and molasses 
April 9, 1863 Asks about transportation for contributions
NA, QMR 4-9C-63
May 2, 1863 Northrop requests Secretary of War appoint Hottel a Commissary Captain
May 30, 1863 An application from his is forwarded by Commissary General to QM General
NA, QMR 5-30-63
June 8, 1863 Reports on a RR's use of its rolling stock for others when Government food sits waiting transportation
June 10, 1863 Sims asks for assistance for his agent in securing rolling stock; Hottel is named
June 12, 1863 Secretary of War asks why Maj. Pierce has ordered Hottel away from Raleigh
NA, QMR 6-12B-63
NA, QMR 6-15A-63
June 13, 1863 Mileage confirmed
NA, QMR 6-13A-63
June 18, 1863 Sims instructs him to supply cars for Bragg and asks when Hottel will get to Richmond
Told to go by Knoxville and discuss corn requirements
June 22, 1863 Secretary of War sends a letter of Hottel's to QM General regarding transportation of food at Raleigh
NA, QMR 6-22A-63
June 24, 1863 Hottel's authority to remove rolling stock is defined
July 20, 1863 Sims and Hottel to meet in Montgomery
July 30, 1863 While in Mobile, arranges for support in moving rolling stock
July 31, 1863 Pays conductor for one month's services
August 1, 1863 Was issued a skiff and a chain cable
Paid for services and hands moving rolling stock
August 6, 1863 Is told by Sims to visit the site, figure the requirements, then telegraph Sims how many cars and engines can be saved
August 11, 1863 Instructed to meet Sims in Atlanta
August 24, 1863 Informs Sims that the RR companies will superintend the work force necessary to do the construction required to retrieve the rolling stock in Mississippi
August 27, 1863 Quartermaster General asks negoes be impressed to help Hottel get the RR connection in Montgomery completed
September 18, 1863 Requested that Hottel not deliver engines in law suit
Request promotion to Major
Told to have Jones at the meeting
September 30, 1863 His travel retrieving rolling stock
October 3, 1863 Seven slaves ordered for his use for ten days
NA, DG 10-3-63
October 13, 1863 Request for Hottel to issue a locomotive
October 29, 1863 Reports to Sims that he has not got the engines from Selma
November 22, 1863 Ordered to Atlanta to take over Major Peters duties
December 2, 1863 Beauregard asks Gov. Brown to impress 900 to report to Hottel to repair western Georgia RRs
December 6, 1863 Arrives in Atlanta
December 8, 1863 If Major Peters remains in Atlanta, can Hottel go see his family
December 9, 1863 Reports an idle locomotive to Sims
December 10, 1863 Listed as one of three officers available to supervise RR transportation to Hardee
December 15, 1863 Quartermaster General tells Hottel to take charge of transportation and push the roads to see that the wants of the Army are supplied
January 13, 1864 Quartermaster General states that Hottel accomplishes all that can be done
January 21, 1864 Quartermaster General defends Hottel's assignment to Atlanta
February 6, 1864 Receives instruction from Sims to aid in shipping of corn and fodder
February 10, 1864 Hottel reports that bountiful supplies are going to Army of Tennessee
Report of cars being returned to Western & Atlantic RR
Requested to ship slate to Macon
NA, AM 2-10A-64
NA, AM 2-29-64
NA, AM 2-29A-64
February 11, 1864 Moving cars from Mississippi through Mobile
February 14, 1864 G. A. Cuyler ordered to report resolution of Columbus problems to Hottel
February 23, 1864 Requests use of a barge to move rolling stock at Mobile
March 2, 1864 Arrangements for shipping slate
His location and actions questioned
NA, QMR 3-2B-64
March 15, 1864 Recommends Capt. Firzzell for RR Bureau in Atlanta and Hottel to Montgomery
NA, QMR 3-15-64
March 30, 1864 Is informed of rule suspending passenger trains when Government freight waits to be carried
March 31, 1864 Quartermaster General questions status of transportation to Army of Tennessee
April 4, 1864 Reports to Sims on corn availability and car construction
NA, RRB 4-4-64
April 7, 1864 Responded to Col. Burton's requests; encloses letter from Sims
April 29, 1864 Reports heavy losses on Western & Atlantic RR trains
NA, QMR 4-29A-64
July x, 1864 Repaired the Montgomery & West Point RR
August 1, 1864 Reports his actions clearing Atlanta and repairing the Montgomery & West Point RR
NA, RRB 8-1-64
October 15, 1864 Maj. Smith reports Hottel assisted getting daily cars for commissary shipments
NA, CS 10-15-64
October 22, 1864 Accompanies Major Smith and Col. Sims from Columbus to Montgomery. Was credited as being in charge of RR transportation from Augusta to Montgomery
NA, CS 10-22-64
December 9, 1864 Order issued by him questioned by Conscription Bureau
NA, QMR 12-9A-64
December 18, 1864 Hottel and Major Meriwether were repairing Georgia RRs under different orders
December 20, 1864 Recommends Nalle be appointed RR Bureau Bonded Agent
NA, QMR 12-20-64
December 31, 1864 Quartermaster General informs General Beauregard of Hottel's orders in repairing the Georgia RRs
January 3, 1865 Newspaper reports a visit by Hottel and the status of the RR repairs
January 16, 1865 Nalle appointed Bonded Agent and assigned to Hottel at Columbus, Ga.
NA, AIGO 1-16-65
January 20, 1865 Sims instructs him regarding slave exemptions
January 28, 1865 General Beauregard request Capt. Hottel to finish Milledgeville RR 
February 1, 1865 Ordered by Sims to get locomotives from the west side of the Pearl River and repair them
February 6, 1865 Hottel's speed of RR repair is noted
March 4, 1865 Beauregard informed that Hottel's repair force has been sent to work east of Atlanta
March 7, 1865 Newspaper credits Hottel's indomitable energy with connecting Atlanta to West Point after Sherman's destruction