TN, RRB 2/23/1864


Feby 23d 1864
Col Geo. G. Garner
Chf of Staff
Dept of the Gulf
   At Dear Park Station on the Mobile & Ohio Rail Road {43 miles north of Mobile} there are fifteen cars belonging to the Memphis & Ohio Rail Road Co and at the Same Station there are about 2000 feet of heavy RR Iron belonging to the same Co. If those cars were moved there would be no necessity for the Iron where it is. There being here no representative of the above mentioned stock Lieut Col Simms Chf of Rail Road Bureau has ordered me to bring over {probably means to move them to the roads east of Mobile Bay} all foreign cars on the Mobile & Ohio R Road. If you authorize the use of the Barge Ambassador for that purpose in seven days, all of this stock can be crossed over. The Stock is very seriously needed on other roads. As it will require an order from the department to authorize me to have those cars brought over to Mobile I have the honor to request that said authority be granted. I remain Respectfully
Your obt Servant
J. M. Hottel
Maj. & Qr M in charge or RR Transportation
Head Qr Dept of the Gulf
Mobile Feby 23/64
   Respectfully refered to Maj L. J. Fleming who will please to have this stock brought down.
   By order of Gen Maury
Geo. G. Garner
Chf of Staff