South & North Alabama

The road was a wartime expedient to connect the Red Mountain iron and coal fields to Selma, Alabama. The route used the one already surveyed for the unbuilt Alabama Central Railroad, which was planned to run from Montgomery to Nashville. Work was under way by at least September, 1862. Best evidence at present, shows that it ran from the Cahaba River to the Alabama & Tennessee River Railroad at Calera. Much grading was done on the fifteen miles on to Elyton (the future Birmingham).

One of the railroad's locomotives was a small locomotive saved from a northwest Florida lumber mill when Pensacola was evacuated. This may have been from the Pensacola & Mobile Railroad.

As many as 6 or 7 locomotives were purchased or leased in 1864.

Black's Number Not on Black's maps (map)
Track 17 miles of 5 foot gauge of various types and weights
Locomotives 0; 1 named
Cars 0
Stations 3
Officers 3
Significant Documents
NP, ASCY 4-18-61
NP, SMR 9-29-62
NP, MM 12-12-62
NP, MM 12-20-62
NP, VW 1-13-63
NP, SMR 1-16-63
NA, A&F 4-3-63
NA, A&F 4-17-63
NA, ENG 9-5-63
NA, S&NA 12-12-63
NA, S&NA 2-4-64
NA, RR 2-8-64
NA, ENGR 3-4-64
B8, ALA 4-16-64
NP, MAP 6-4-64
NA, QM 10-1-64
NP, MAV 11-26-64
NP, SMR 12-24-63
UA, SIW 1-14A-65
UA, SIW 1-15-65
UA, SIW 3-15A-65
AR, A&TR 4-1-66 S
AR, A&F(FL) 5-1-67 S
B11, S&NA