NA, S&NA 12/12/1863

Selma Ala Decr 12th 1863
Lieut Col. F. J. White
   With seventy five pounds of Blasting Powder I can put my coal mines in a condition to throw out fifty tons coal per day. The mines are nearly ready.
   No teams are required to required to haul coal to Rail Road. Can you furnish the Powder?
Oblige Yur Sev
F. W. Woodson
The Military Store Keeper will please sell the Blasting Powder at customary rates, as above requested; -- provided the same be on hand to spare.
Very respectfully
J. S. White
??? ??? Comdg
Selma Arsenal
Dec 12, 1863
{Fred Woodson opened a coal mine right on the Cahaba River, about 18 miles north of Montevallo, alongside the South & North Alabama RR}