NA, CSN 12/31/1863

Montgomery, Ala
Confederate States Navy Department
Per Appropriation For
To S&N A RR Co  {South & North Alabama RR}
1863   Dollars Cents Dollars Cents
Dec 31 For 8 days work on ??? Road platforms @ $8.00/100 per day 64 00    
    "   6 days work of Negroes loading Coal Cars @ $2 12 00    
    76 00    
   I certify that the articles enumerated in the above account have been received, and the services performed, and that the prices charged are just and reasonable.
Jno. Wythe Parks
   Approved: T. Alphonse Jackson Chf Engr in charge
   Received Montgomery Jany 7th 1864 of Paymaster J. W. Nixon, Confederate States Navy, the sum of Seventy Six Dollars --- Cents, in payment of the above.
H B Barker
for S&NA RR Co