NP, MM 12/12/1862

From the Montgomery Mail
December 12, 1862
The Central Rail Road Company
   The advertisement calling for six hundred negroes to work on the South & North Alabama (or Central) Rail Road shows that the efforts of the company to connect Montgomery with the Tennessee river at Decatur are not flagging. We need hardly say that we are rejoiced at this new evidence that the company is determined to push the good work forward to a speedy completion. Knowing the character of the President, Engineers, contractors, &c. for energy and perseverance, we have never doubted that the road would be built, the croakings of those who did not choose to join the company to the contrary notwithstanding. The public may rely upon the assertion that North and South Alabama will be within a reasonable time united by a first class rail road, and thousands of acres of land now uncultivated be in demand. And the coal and iron that will be thus developed! Words cannot convey an idea of their extent and value along the line of the road which is to be to Alabama what the Western & Atlantic road is and has long been to Georgia. Speed the day!